What is Politics?

pol·i·ticsnoun plural but singular or plural in construction \ˈpä-lə-ˌtiks\

1. a : the art or science of government; b : the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy; c : the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government; 2. : political actions, practices, or policies.1

Why are we here?

This blog exists to inform and educate its readership by shining the light of God’s Word into the political arena, upon culture at large, and upon contemporary geo-political trends.  Because the Bible speaks authoritatively about government, family, and morality, etc…the purpose of this blog is to let the Bible speak to the great moral, social, and political issues of our day.

What will you get?

White HouseOur content will differ from the typical “right vs. left” political paradigm.  Instead, it will seek to analyze every area of life from the lens of God’s Word.  Since the Scripture will be the authority here, this blog will be an equal opportunity offender as far as Democrats and Republicans are concerned. After all, there is plenty of progressivism, humanism, and non-Biblicism to scrutinize in both of America’s major parties.

The Word On Politics was founded on July 14th, 2013 by Dr. Andy Woods and a small team who are committed to the advancement of God’s truth.

Even if you are a novice to the world of politics, this blog is still for you.  All that is really necessary to become a regular reader is to be a lover of truth and to hunger to see it applied to all of life.  

Let’s face it, politics can get ugly!  If you agree with the content and direction of this blog, we hope that you will share it and spread its influence throughout the various electronic and social media outlets that are available to us today.  If you disagree with the content, we hope that you too will also share it with others and please keep all comments respectful and diplomatic.

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