America at the Tipping Point

Although we were focused on end times prophecy and culture war related issues all day last Saturday at the Steeling the Mind Conference in Peoria, Illinois,1 there were several game changing news items that were taking place in America that I was not even aware of until I got back to my computer in my hotel room. These trends taken together show how far along we are in the process of Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America.” This country is starting to look more and more quite unlike the country that we all grew up in.


The first trend involves the decision by the Obama administration back in 2014 to shoot down Israeli planes dispatched for the purpose of taking out Iran’s imminent nuclear capabilities.2 Apparently, globalist Zbigniew Brezinski, former United States National Security under former discredited President Jimmy Carter, was a big cheerleader for this new policy. The Administration’s decision in this regard apparently deterred Israel’s planned air strike against the potential Iranian nuclear arsenal back in 2014. This decision is stunning as it signals a radical shift in our relationship with the nation of Israel, which is a nation that is supposed to be one of our allies. Since when did we become more concerned about the Jews building apartments in East Jerusalem than with Iran building nukes? Since when is it America’s foreign-policy to agitate and alienate our allies while simultaneously emboldening our sworn enemies? Don’t forget that the Muslim world still largely refers to Israel as “the little Satan” and America as “the Great Satan.”


Couple this with the fact that our President still refused to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when the latter came to address a joint session sponsored by the House of Representatives this week.3 Obama’s strange behavior all but signals that America’s posture toward Israel is rapidly becoming one of hostility rather than one of friendship. Given God’s promise that He will curse those who curse the nation of Israel (Gen. 12:3), our nation really teeters at a critical tipping point.


The second trend relates to the administration’s clandestine decision to legalize 15 million illegal aliens, not just from Mexico but also from around the world including the Middle East, and send them to various “receiving communities” disbursed throughout the country where they will be subsidized and nurtured.4 This decision, of course, is tantamount to creating a nation within a nation. It would appear that the end game here is to even further Balkanize America into competing ethnic fractions and consequently continue to water down her unique culture and value system. The antithesis of this new policy would be to continue America’s generous legal immigration policy, which legally assimilates foreigners into America’s existing cultural fabric. The old policy sustains America as it presently exists while the new policy seeks to undermine or fundamentally transform it.


When we couple these astonishing trends with last week’s decision by the FCC to assert regulatory jurisdiction over the Internet,5 we really begin to understand how quickly our once great country is being relegated to the dust bin of history. The ambition to thwart the vital artery of the free flow and easy accessibility of information has always been the ambition of dictatorships throughout the world. Now it even appears that this ambition is on the verge of being realized and finalized here in the late great United States of America.


What is amazingly mind-blowing about these previously described trends is how quickly they are coming upon us. In each case, it is also extremely disconcerting that they are happening under the cover of shadow with very little public knowledge, vetting, or national debate. This is not historically how major changes in our culture have been accomplished. National dialogue has typically preceded major changes in wide scale national public policy. One gets the impression that the elites are deliberately keeping these agenda items out of the public view until the very last moment for fear that the good people might rise up and oppose these radical changes and alterations in the foundation of our culture.


America is certainly under attack. However, the attack is not coming from without. It is not taking place externally. Rather, it is taking place internally from our very own President and our very own executive branch of the national government. Now that Obama and his party no longer have to face accountability to the voters via a regular or midterm election until Obama leaves office, it seems as if these aggressive initiatives to further fundamentally transform America are becoming more embolden and brazen than ever. If there was ever a time to be in intercession for our country, this is it!



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  1. Wayne Pittman says:

    Addressing the “regulation” of the Internet:
    This is a move on freedom, reminiscent of “The Fairness Doctrine” that was prevalent 40 years ago, in an attemp to shut talk radio down. If tyrannical tendencies cannot be identified, our freedom is on the way out.

  2. Lisa Madsen says:

    Very excellent observations

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