America Under A Strong Delusion

I had originally intended to write a series of posts explaining why Republican voters should select Ted Cruz in the upcoming primaries and reject Donald Trump. My working title for the series was going to be “Why We Must Choose Cruz and Dump Trump.” However, after a conversation with my wife the other evening, I have decided not to write the series primarily for the reason that it has finally occurred to me that America’s real problem is not a lack of information. Thus, such a series of articles would largely be a waste of time. Recently, I have reluctantly come to the realization that Americans, with very few exceptions, are really not interested in facts or logic. We are living among a generation where facts no longer seem to matter.


The truth of the matter is that America is finally under the judgment of God. Our nation has been given over to what it wants. America is under a deluding influence. Such a deleterious condition cannot be remedied with better and more aggressive public policy arguments. The Scripture teaches that people can go so far in their sin that God finally removes His hand of restraint upon them and finally gives them over to what they want to do. This is the very thing that happened to Pharaoh in the Old Testament. After hardening his own heart several times against God (Exod. 7:13, 22; 8:15, 19, 32; 9:7), God finally hardened Pharaoh’s heart and gave Pharaoh over to what he wanted to do (Exod. 4:21; 9:12). This removal of divine restraint as a sign of judgment upon a culture is also the key theme of Romans 1:18–32. In this troubling section of the Bible, after people no longer see fit to retain the knowledge of God (Rom. 1:18-23), God is said to repeatedly give them over (Rom. 1:24, 26, 28) to the sins that they are so eager to commit. The prophet Jeremiah anticipated that same type of turning over by God in his own day when he recorded the following chilling words from the Lord, “As for you, do not pray for this people, and do not lift up cry or prayer for them, and do not intercede with Me; for I do not hear you” (Jer. 7:16). We see the same type of judgment predicted for the end times as people will be given over to a spirit of delusion that will cause them to embrace the antichrist. Second Thessalonians 2:11–12 says, “For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.”


Why do I believe that America is now at this delicate tipping point? Largely, it is because of the meteoric rise of a person like Donald Trump in American politics. The man is a moral and verbal sewer. He has no political resume. Rather, his campaign has been buoyed by empty promises devoid of any real substance or meaningful content. He merely repeats mantras that the voters want to hear similar to the types of statements that Barack Obama gave us back in 2008. You know the rhetoric: “I’m going to build a wall around America and make Mexico pay for it.” “We are going to make this country great again.” “Believe me, Americans are going to win again.” “We are actually going to win so many times we are going to get tired of winning.” “Trust me, it is going to be great.” This type of rhetoric seems more akin to that of a used car salesman rather than that of a serious presidential contender. These sentiments are nothing more than empty slogans since they never reveal exactly how Trump plans to accomplish these great exploits. These are the sorts of trite statements that third world dictators endlessly propagate upon their beleaguered people. In fact, according to Imelda Marcos, the public expression “we are going to make this nation great again” is the very slogan that Ferdinand Marcos articulated just prior to coming to power in the 1950s in the Philippines and prior to Marcos’ imposition of martial law.1


The fact that all the evidence indicates that Trump throughout the course of his entire life really never believed all of the conservative positions that he now supposedly holds2 is really of no consequence to people. When anybody dares to shed light on Trump’s longtime liberal worldview by pointing out that “the king is naked,” they are simply shouted down as a “liar” or victimized by various other ad hominem attacks. Such was the sum and substance of last Saturday’s Republican Primary debate in South Carolina. The masses really are not interested in information related to Trump’s liberal worldview since they have already made a decision to blindly follow Trump on the basis that he tells them what they want to hear. In fact, the bigger a fool Trump makes of himself on the national stage, the larger his poll numbers seem to climb. This, in and of itself, is perhaps the greatest evidence of the deluding influence that is now descending upon America. Ask yourself a simple question. How is it possible for Trump to repeat the Michael Moore and Code Pink left wing lunacy that former President George Bush intentionally misled the American people about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in a recent Republican primary debate and in a conservative state like South Carolina, and have his poll numbers rise and not fall as a result? Such public folly would have been sufficient to derail any Presidential aspirations in prior generations. The only explanation is that the voters are no longer being driven by their mental and rational faculties. Rather, they are being primarily fueled by irrational emotion due to a deluding influence.

Photo Credit (Photos Modified): Gage Skidmore via Flickr

I realize that a recent poll showed Cruz leading his primary challengers nationally.3 However, this poll is an aberration with the majority of them showing Trump clobbering his opponents in upcoming primaries.4 What Republican primary voters are apparently on the precipice of doing, if the present poll numbers are an accurate indication, is to reject a Senator Ted Cruz Presidential nomination in exchange for that of a show man and a game show host. Think about how monumental this is. Ted Cruz is an articulate conservative who has a track record of opposing progressivism not only within the Democratic Party but also in his own Republican party. Cruz has had a stellar legal career successfully arguing numerous cases favoring conservatism before the United States Supreme Court. Even the ultra-liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz reluctantly conceded that Ted Cruz was one of the most brilliant law students ever under his tutelage.5 Cruz is also a man not only of deep Christian conviction but also, as demonstrated by his actions, someone who is committed to the principles of limited government set forth by America’s founders. There is nobody as qualified to replace potentially four Supreme Court vacancies that the next President will likely have the opportunity to fill, than Ted Cruz. Yet, this kind of man with this kind of record is no longer attractive to the majority of Americans voters. They would much rather embrace the progenitor of a reality TV show. What further evidence do we need to confidently say that America is now under a deluding influence given by God himself as a judgment upon this nation?


Further evidence of God withdrawing his hand from America might also be found in the recent deaths of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Theologian Dr. Charles Ryrie. Both of these men were similar in their ambition to honor authorial intent. They were both giants and sources of great spiritual light in their respective fields. What Scalia was to the field of Constitutional interpretation, Ryrie was to the field of biblical theology. Yet, within the span of a few days, as both men passed, these lights to the culture were removed by the hand of God. In fact, it very well may be that God has raised up Ted Cruz only for the single purpose of being rejected by voters in order to demonstrate once and for all that Americans are under a spiritual delusion. Like the Ninevites of old, the current generation of Americans apparently are no longer capable of discerning their right hand from their left (Jonah 4:11). Of course, in my heart of hearts, I want to be wrong about all of this. I want to believe that there is still hope for this once great nation. I want to once again trust the good sense of the American electorate. However, as explained above, I have my doubts. If Trump overwhelmingly wins the Republican primaries in South Carolina on Saturday and then on Super Tuesday on March 1st, then these unfortunate suspicions will be confirmed.Endnotes

  1. IMELDA MARCOS: “DONALD TRUMP JUST PLAGIARIZED MY HUSBAND” Inaugural Address of President Marcos, December 30, 1965: “This nation can be great again. This I have said over and over. It is my article of faith, and Divine Providence has willed that you and I can now translate this faith into deeds. I have repeatedly told you: each generation writes its own history. Our forbears have written theirs. With fortitude and excellence we must write ours. We must renew the vision of greatness for our country.” Declaration of Martial law in the Philippines Sept. 21, 1972 Marcos declared martial law on September 21, 1972, and did not lift it until January 17, 1981. []
  2. For other evidence demonstrating Trumps liberal world view, see and and []
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  1. People are born into the great delusion and believe it to be the truth are following norms that punishes anyone even themselves for seeing, seeking or telling the truth:

  2. FreeSpirit says:

    If the writer of this article can not see the wickedness and hypocrisy of Bush, Jr. and the Bush family (Barbara Bush the illegit daughter of Satanist Aleister Crowley, Prescott Bush funded the Nazis during WWII, Bush, Jr. most definately DID mislead the American people and 911 was an elite inside job) then it does not matter what he thinks of Trump, he’s already blind to begin with. The writer of this article really needs to do a LOT more research on these “poli tickians” (Many bloodsuckers). And the reason the Americans latched onto Trump is because he told the truth about a lot of things INCLUDING Bush as well as the fact that Charles Manson would’ve looked appealing next to Barry Soetoro Obama (IMPOSTER) and Hitlery R. Clinton (MURDERESS). I personally did not vote for any ot these charlatans because Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36) thus, neither is mine since I am a TRUE follower of the TRUTH (John 14:6). However, I can definately understand why the American people voted for Trump. It’s called SHEER DESPERATION.

    • Excellent !
      The first paragraph of the article I completely agreed with – as I ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for my understanding. However, as the second paragraph began I took a 180 on agreement. In my humble opinion Mr FreeSpirit has expressed my exact thoughts. Nice Job !

  3. While I can understand your reasoning. I have to respectfully disagree. When I look at the difference in the policies of both Clinton and Trump- it seems to me that the agenda of the democratic party is liberal and more worldly (anti Christ) regardless of her many years in political office. Her policies now condone late term abortion to which Trump is pro-life. Mrs. Clinton’s stance on same sex marriage has changed over the years, ,seemingly, to suit whatever her agenda was at each turn. Mr Trump is against same sex marriage and also against transgender people using bathrooms based on their personal choice of gender. Hillary Clinton has been all for transgenders having the liberty of using whatever bathroom they like. Aside from this- our national security is at stake. While Trump is all about making America safe from terrorism and enforcing a very strict vetting process, Mrs. Clinton has more liberal views to keep open borders and allow in hundreds of thousands of refugees without proper vetting.

    After all of Clinton’s scandals over the years and her blatant lies during the Benghazi hearings it is apparent as the nose on one’s face that Mrs. Clinton has the president and the department of justice in her back pocket. I put little trust in my government when laws are not followed and special deals are made behind the scenes because of someone’s wealth and position. Now, as of the time of this post, Mrs Clinton has until Sept.9th to turn over many more emails that she had previously claimed that she turned over. This causes me deep concern. I am truly concerned about the path our country is going down. While I do agree that as Christians we must stand on the Word of God and live it and proclaim it. I could never and will never support, nor vote for a person who is for all of what Clinton is pushing for.

    My dad was a good man and he taught us proper principles to live by. Though not a devout Christian he still had us live by the commandments and attend church. He could be very rough around the edges my dad. Sometimes it would anger me that he couldn’t say things in a nicer way and sometimes he said things in a way that hurt my feelings- but ultimately I knew in my heart that he had my best interests at heart. This is why I am voting for Trump. I feel he has America’s best interest at heart and his policies are closer to God’s words than Mrs. Clinton’s. Apparently we are not going to have a pastor as president come November, and Donald Trump is not spotless- but neither are you or I. When we look at the blatant disregard to follow protocol when it comes to classified documents and the protection of our service men and women- Mrs Clinton has failed terribly. Too many dead bodies keep turning up every time someone has information that may shed bad light on her. That does not seem very coincidental to me. It honestly makes me very afraid of just what type of evil we may be dealing with if she gets elected. In April Julian Assange’s lawyer was murdered. Yesterday Mr. Assange had experienced an intruder at the Ecuadorian embassy where is has been staying. I do not believe these are coincidence at all. I think its more that people are afraid to see just HOW corrupt our current politicians are in the current administration.

    I will be praying very much about all of this. I hope and pray that the person whom God has chosen to become our next president is the one who will lead the helm. In the meantime, lets all continue to pray for our country and for one another, regardless of our personal points of view. God Bless.

  4. Gary Nichols says:

    The reason Trump is leading is that he is not a politician and owes no one. The incompetent politicians in DC have failed. People now taking over.

  5. I am a devout Christian, and have been since I was a young adult. That means nothing in this world today except to me and Christ. I am voting for Donald Trump. Cruz dropped out of the race, and in my opinion it was his own fault. People call Trump a degenerate? That he is equivalent to Hilary? Ted Cruz started to lie with Ben Carson and the caucus in Iowa and went down hill from there. He attacked Donald Trump first, with lies, and mockery and tricks. Donald Trump may not be perfect, but I honestly believe that he does have a love for this country, and does want to bring jobs back, get rid of Obamacare, and stop the steady stream of illegals and refugees that will bring harm to our economy and even our safety. I live without insurance as a diabetic. I go months at a time without my medications. I do not qualify for the subsidies , and the price of insurance, plus co-pays and deductibles are out of sight. This year I will pay 882.50 in fines to the IRS. Next year if Obamacare is not repealed, I will pay $1880.00 in fines. This is fair? This is right? Maybe you feel Donald Trump is wrong for this country, but I don’t. If Trump does not win, we are doomed. Hilary will be worse than Obama and Bernie would be worse also. I trust the God is in control, and if he has allowed Trump to become the nominee and President, than it is by his will. If his judgment on this country is to allow Hilary to win. Then all the votes in the world wont stop what is coming. For now I have hope in Donald Trump, I have hope that for at least 8 years he will do everything in his power to bring back the United States to the greatness it once was. IF Trump was not doing something right, he would not be attacked by the liberals, and the illegals, and others who know if Trump is President the free ride is over, the PC group of liberals is over, and the corruption of special interest and lobbyists is over. We need Donald Trump, and we need him now!

  6. The excuses I hear from people who support evil leaders make me hide my face in my hands. Here is a popular one:
    “God will use him to punish the US, so the US will repent.”
    With that logic, I should beat up the first person I see, thinking, “Maybe he will call on God to save him…Maybe he will repent if I beat him up.”
    The apostle Paul writes,
    And why not say (as we are slanderously reported and as some claim that we say), “Let us do evil that good may come”? Their condemnation is justified. (Romans 3:8)
    Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. (Ephesians 5:11)

  7. The author of this article is delusional, period.

    • Apparently, you haven’t studied the Bible. What he has to say is both factual and probable.

      • Andy Woods is absolutely correct! To those who don’t recognize that fact; they are proving it by their very dismissal of truth and their rejection of God without the slightest idea they are just living evidence of what they deny.

        It reminds me of the true story of a preacher who was passing out Biblical literature on the street. A young man came up to him and told him how foolish he was for doing so. He asked the preacher, “How do you know God answers your prayers?” The preacher assured the young man that God always supplies his needs. The young man then stated he knew all that literature cost money and mockingly asked the preacher, “How does your God supply that? Does he drop money from the sky?” The preacher simply said, “No, God does not.” Then the young man said, “Well then, just to prove my point, I’d better give this to you since your God obviously won’t.” He reached into his pocket, pulled out some paper, and stuffed a twenty dollar bill into the preacher’s hand.

        Just as that young man had no clue at all that the very God he denied was using him to expose his foolishness and fulfill God’s plan, the followers of Trump are doing the same thing. They’re looking a savior to save our country thinking Trump is that person, but the entire time they’re blind foolishness is being used by God for His purpose. When they discover what they’ve done, it will be too late.

    • Your living proof the article is true, all the information and most importantly the facts and yet you like most Americans remain unteachable.

    • Anonymous says:

      This s insane.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this article…However, regardless of the unkind words from some, I am still a huge fan and BELIVER of Ted Cruz. I have been, and am, very disappointed in Donald Trump…He is like a spoiled child. June

  9. Man in his ignorance rejects God and the truth; God in His mercy forgives and saves man.

    It’s easy to bad mouth or bash someone that you don’t know, based on incorrect information. But if you notice, it’s what you were doing that initiated the engaging. The jersey you were wearing, the name tag you had on, the shoes you were wearing, the colors you had on, what you were representing drew a response from them.

    What you establish as the standard for walking and standing with you, that is the light that will shine around you.

    Hebrews 10:39
    But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.

    1 Corinthians 1:18
    For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

  10. Jeffrey B Fisher says:

    An interesting read and though I agree with some of your points, I disagree with your conclusion that God is already moving to judge the US as a foregone conclusion. This conclusion assumes it is God’s plan to bring judgement rather than mercy through the petitions of his people. My experience is showing me that despite the secular propaganda thousands of faithful followers of Christ are rising up in prayer and service. The Lord’s battles are always won with a remnant, not a majority. Your fatalism is too often being heard from many pulpits in the land. It doubts the will of God to turn back evil in America. Ted Cruz will become President and it will shame many leaders such as you that doubted God from the beginning. It is my hope this will shake the Church into repenting for its unbelief.

  11. The average voter does not know what they want, much less take the time to figure it out. Techology moves at the speed of light with everyone spewing their opinions and propaganda. Most voters do not know the truth and have come to a decision to back a candidate based solely on another person’s opinion. Opinions are not truths and in the day and technological age is has become too much for people to research the truth. Technology provides everything right now. No more researching a library, no more printed news. Nope, the standard for gaining information is social media and entertainment based reporting. If I do not like what you say that makes it untrue is the motto today. How can anyone vote for Clinton knowing she shared classified information on a non-secured server or ignored cries for help in the Bengahzi deaths. People have too work to hard to find the truth and the biased media does not help. They give up and vote based on empty promises and opinions. People voting b/c they are loyal to a party are also to be blamed. The candidate does not always represent you party beliefs. Politicians are just as much to blame, really more so. Say what you’ll do and do what you say! Stand up and represent yourself and stop berating another candidate! It is sickening.

  12. I think Donald Trump is Judgement on All the corrupted politicians in Washington..He will win the nomination and the Presidency…

    The Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and pectins something different..

    Trump supporters are tired of the Sam garbage.. It’s time for a political REVOLUTION

  13. feetheweasel says:

    “Religion and government will exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together.” – James Madison

    “The United States of America should have a foundation free from the influence of clergy.” – George Washington

    The founding fathers would never vote for someone like Ted Cruz.

    Jesus fed a hungry man. Clothed a naked man. Healed a sick man. Sheltered a homeless man. Shouldn’t the wealthiest and most christian nation on earth provide the same basics to its people? Face it….Jesus was a socialist. #feelthebern

    • Daniel Secomb says:

      Capitalism has done more to feed a hungry man, clothe a naked man, heal a sick man, shelter a homeless man. The legacy of socialism is of utter failure and death. Wake up to yourself.

  14. Gene Kellems says:

    You said a lot about our leaders that we have elected from among our people. From among the children we have raised teaching them it doesn’t matter what you believe. So these leaders (our children) have decided homosexuality, divorce, not working, war, graft, ok. We need to get back to speaking where the bible speaks and silent when it is. Not “I know it says it but I don’t think you have to” or this seems good so it’s alright. And being examples for them.
    We need to break the GOP AND DEM. establishments. They are working hard to disrespect the wishes of the people as are you. Yall think you know what the nation needs and since it’s about to slip out of their hands you’re panicking. I choose a doctor, Lawler, plumber, mechanic, etc. by his ability to do the job not because he is such a good man, morals and all. I’m tired of puppet presidents doing what the establishment wants.
    You see what electing the establishment’s
    men did. Brought us wars, foreign invaders, thousands of young men and women killed. By the way Bush did mislead us on the nuclear weapons and was one of the worst presidents, maybe with the exception of his dad.

  15. Diane Brown says:

    God appoints the leaders of the nations, including America. Could he be giving us what we deserved since we have all but kicked him out of every place there is?

  16. Jerald Hite says:

    There is never a good choice in politicians. For those that believed Obama was the answer have found out differently. For those who thought bush was the answer they found out differently. Reagan was ok but he had people who didn’t like him either. For those who think Hillary is the best choice well let’s be honest we see what her career has been like lies upon lies and now more scandal. Trump wouldn’t be perfect either because no matter what he will most likely surround himself with more politicians that no one likes. So the cold hard facts are the writers of the Declaration of Independence had it correct. That’s why it was written that way. That’s why there are checks and balances “or its supposed to be”. Our country will never be free of politics as usual or corruption until career politics is stopped. Look at what it breeds along with what it destroying. We better start praying now because whoever wins is goin to need God’s direction.

  17. Wonderful article!! You are spot on 100%; you are talking about judgement on a nation, which has happened many times, not judgement of an individual, the key to understanding what your article is saying!! We must not forget that the rain falls upon the just and the unjust!

  18. Rob Barnett is one of those misinformed voters that believe the Alinski tactics that Trump, Rubio and Obama use!! If you call someone liar liar long enough, they will believe your lie.. Hitler was also a student of Alinski!!

  19. Rubio 2016. Trump is all you said; Cruz is a liar. This is the worst lot the GOP has had in my lifetime. I’ve lived through 11 Presidents.

  20. I can’t understand why more people aren’t flocking to Carson. He’s a Christian and a wise and decent man. He has all the good qualities. Furthermore, he was ahead in the polls at the beginning. Then he sunk, first beneath Trump, them beneath Cruz and Rubio. Now he hardly gets mentioned, even though he still has the right qualities. What happened? Even this article hardly mentions him. Have people really gone that far in delusion?

  21. Two-score and four years ago, my parents opted for our family to emigrate from their native island/s around what would become the declaration and tyranny of martial law in the Philippines. Over nearly four and a half decades later removed from dictatorial rule, now having freely enjoyed newly found freedom in our adoptive parental land(s) of naturalized citizenship, it is a wonder that we would find ourselves on the potential precipice of such a possibility to consider yet once more the suspect premise and/or promise(s) of how “great” a nation we might again be made to become. Leaning half a century forward from one millennium into another, presently among millennials in a state united it seems to be poised at the seams about to unravel under the influence and similarly delusional tendency of a presidential candidate’s dictates, apparently succumbing like an opiate to the masses descending upon the depths of depravity we may currently go through caucuses and primaries with wanton abandon into the abyss….

  22. Karl Baldwin says:

    Well now, isn’t that a long comment about how someone on TV is somehow not fit to be the next president, Let’s see what kinda president came from television O Ronald Reagan, with NO political background, he seemed to do a good job !
    Here’s the problem with the American people, we are fed up with career politicians & special interests politics, before & after elected to a position.
    How is it that this great nation has fallen under the spell of career politics, it’s because of special interest groups who feed the media propaganda to better suit their agendas.
    You need to pull your head out of the sand before it’s too late,
    Besides if Trump does for our nation what he’s done for his business we all are going to be a lot better off.
    Think about someone who doesn’t need special interest groups Or their money to be able to make a Decision.

    • Um hello? Did you know that Ronald Reagan was the Governor of California for 8 years before he ran for President? You are the typical American who just types anything because if you see it on your computer, it must be true.

  23. mark ferguson says:

    Jesus bore the wrath and judgment from God 2000 years on the cross. If America is being judged then I myself as a Christian am being judged. It’s like what people say that they are old sinners saved by grace. My question, which one are you? Can’t be both, sorry. God does not control people’s decisions. So what you see is not judgment, but wrong decisions and choices from humans. Simply put, unbelief. Yes Amen.

  24. Steve Sitzes says:

    I agree that we are under God’s judgment but we are NOT at the 2 Thess 2:11 reference that you made, where God gives those who refused to love the truth a strong delusion. Before that happens, the lawless one will be revealed, and he will perform false signs and wonders. And that has not occurred yet.
    A few years ago I was praying for America and the Spirit of God dropped a phrase into my heart, which was “spirit of stupor.” Well I opened my Bible to the concordance and found one listing for the word stupor and it was used in Romans 11:8, and it says,
    “as it is written: ‘God gave them a spirit of stupor, eyes that could not see and ears that could not hear, to this very day.”’
    According to the dictionary, stupor means “a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility.”
    It does seem that America is in a spirit of stupor right now.

  25. I believe that this article is very appropriate for this time in history. But I too, am believing that God Almighty will show us mercy, if we heed 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  26. rob barnett says:

    I find it amusing when people state that morals are important, but then support Ted Cruz in all of his cheating and lying. I just don’t think he has any integrity at all.

    • Would you kindly give us some examples of Ted’s cheating and lying? Because the ones people have come up with so far are just garbage.

  27. Hey guys just a different thought.mybe trumps like king cyrus in the bible.mybe Yah going use him to stay the devil’s world us some breathing room as he prepares to brings in the last huge build the wall.☺

  28. I am by no means perfect nor a scholar , my opinion is Jesus own words render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s and give to god what is gods. I don’t think God gives a whit about politics but what resides in a mans heart as he or she goes about the day. Which also includes our politicians we are not their judge God is. All we can do is look at their voting history and who backs them money wise so we know how they are going to be influenced so we can try to make the most informed decision .

  29. Craig Titus says:


    God is not judging ANYONE on Earth right now. His judgement fell on the cross. The Lamb atoned for ALL people’s sins, (past, present, future) & ALL have been forgiven. If God were to judge anyone, he would have to apologize to Jesus for undoing everything accomplished at Calvary. The only judgement remaining is the Final Judgement at the Judgement Seat, after death-, (and that is simply a matter of whether or not you received the freely offered forgiveness and declare Jesus Lord).

    We are under the New “better” Covenant. Not the old. Not a mixture of the two, (which Jesus specifically warned against). New. Better.

    Even if you disagree with my position- Wood’s own argument is self-defeating: Romans 8:1 says “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Wouldn’t condemning America, by default, be condemning those in Christ?

  30. Sherrie Fries says:

    Thank you Vivian Schultz and Robert William, for setting the record straight with this author regarding Mr. Trump!! So sad to see some of the derogatory comments in the author’s post about Mr. Trump. There is a reason why the left is on an all-out attack against Trump, and Christians are digging their own grave with comments such as these.

  31. Jose Zendejas says:

    God does not care about who is running for President of our great Nation. We Americans make choices for ourselves folks. Not, our Lord and Savior Almighty God. Our SOULS is God’s only concern. The ultimate Freedom is having the ability to choose. So choose your candidate wisely. As I will, Mr. Pres. Trump is our next Commander. All of you who are thinking God has anything to do with how and who we vote for, is what got into this hell of a mess we are in. You think Obama and his muslims was God’s idea? No! God DOES NOT CARE, not for these dumb rules we have set for ourselves to pick our leaders. Pray To God, for your own guidance. Not mine!

  32. Wow. Yes the American people seem to be enthralled with Trump but using scripture out of context is not the compelling argument. We the people have let this happen not by rejecting God but by sitting back complacent and allowing special interest groups and the minority’s view take front stage for years we have built our lives in our little corners of the world and not paid attention to what has been happening to our country. Do not blame God for this it is our fault. People do exactly what they want to do. The scripture references in the Old Testament was not written to America it was written to a specific people at a specific time as well as in Jeremiah you cannot take that out of context and say it is America. Perhaps God is allowing us to face the consequences of our choices or perhaps not but you cannot say these scriptures definitely apply to us. As far as Paul and the New Testament writers again you must keep scripture in context to properly interpret it. Paul is talking to the church about the individual heart I agree that out county is broken and lost its moral compass but we did it or sat back and allowed it to happen. sometimes Christians are no different than non Christians in our behaviors the difference is we recognize our need for Jesus Christ We can still make bad choices just as sure as anyone else. We have a voice we have a vote

  33. Carol Bach says:

    The bottom line is Cruz has lied and
    cheated numerous times. He is not what he claims to be. Rubio is too
    lazy to attend the senate and he lied
    about his record. Carson admitted to lying in his books and none of them have any experience, haven’t accomplished anything. But the biggest one is they had a traitor and did not impeach Obama. If they can’t take out one enemy how are they asking for our vote for a big promotion, it would be like going from cashier to President of the bank.

  34. Michael van Duke says:

    Donald Trump is the true face of American conservative and Christians who are republican cannot deny this fact since all the polls back this fact. Most of republicans see Rafael Cruz as a fake person who would say anything that sounds biblical to get Christians vote for him.

  35. Christopher says:

    I agree with many of the points of this article. We are living in a time of delusion. However, a couple of points to add about God’s judgement of America. If God is judging America, then the Church in America is first in line. Sin is definitely rampant within this country, but it has always been so, and in most every culture from the time of Jesus until today. We (Christians) have turned “being” a Christian into a list of fundamentals…Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t be gay, don’t, don’t, don’t! That’s the view of a large number of people in this country, who don’t know God. They see all the memes about “Obama is the antichrist” and “you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands”, and I would suspect that a lot of the 30-50 year olds are saying “What does any of that have to do with Jesus?” The answer is…Nothing!

    The church has been given a mandate from Jesus. Remember “Go into all the world and preach the gospel (GOOD NEWS) to all creation” Mark 16:15. I just wonder how much “Gospel” is being preached? I know truth is being preached, and that is important and praiseworthy. However, we need not be fooled into believing that the people we are preaching to, cannot tell the spirit in which the message is being delivered! They KNOW if you love them, or not. Just saying it doesn’t mean anything. The Truth, spoken in Love, always brings hope. The truth, spoken with animosity, anger, bitterness, or outright hate towards those we are speaking to, brings condemnation.

    So, back to the candidates. I’ll give it to you from my Christian perspective.

    I see two parties. I disagree, heavily with both of them on several issues. I take a strong stand against abortion! I believe it is an American holocaust of epic proportions! I’m not afraid to express this feeling and will do so if anyone asks and wherever I am. However, for those who have had an abortion, they need to know that there is forgiveness and hope through the saving grace of Jesus! That is my staunch republican side.

    I believe that marijuana should be legal in this country. At least from a medical standpoint! The fact that many Christians fight, right alongside the pharmaceutical companies and alcohol companies, to keep marijuana illegal is mind blowing. They do this knowing that all it is doing is making the “legal drug dealers of death” rich, addicting millions of Americans to prescription drugs. Science and common sense is already on the side of legal marijuana, at least for medical purposes. I guess that’s my democratic side.

    All this to say, people just don’t believe the “Christian” candidate anymore. Because they don’t believe the “Christians” (US) anymore. Because they don’t see Jesus in Christians. Because we don’t live like Him. We don’t Love like Him. We’re not like Him.

  36. I couldn’t agree more with this article. We are living in the time of the Judges when everyone did what was right in their own eyes. And yes, we want a Saul like everyone else and Trump is the deluding Saul! America is walking on the edge of an abyss and we near a fall of no return…..Trump or Clinton….both moral degenerates….God help us come to our senses!! A win by Cruz would would be evidence of II Chon. 7:14 and God giving us another chance!! I pray so!!!!

  37. Most people think Ted or Marco. Here’s my point about those 2. They’ve been in Congress while Obama has been Pres & they haven’t impeached him. They’ve had plenty of opportunities to do it & have failed !! If they can’t handle Obama, they surely can’t handle Putin, Iran, ISIS, or N. Korea !!

  38. Vivian schultz says:

    I will not argue that we are in a time where wrong is right and right is wrong. However on the topic of trump, cruz, Rubio… Cruz has already shown less than Christian character, and does exactly what you cause Mr trump of doing… saying whatever is necessary to get the job.. regardless of his beliefs. Also if you took the time to dig into trump’s promises you will find he has a very logical and effective way of getting there. They are however methods that the politicians have refused to bring up for whatever reasons the have.. I don’t believe cruz or Rubio are up for the job. We’ve already elected a junior senator and we see how that turned out. And as far as trump’s liberal stance, once again if you do your homework you would see that he, over the last 5 or so years has changed his opinion as the reality of a liberal doctrine has affected his business. Just sayin..

  39. After reading this it is more clear than ever that Ben Carson is the only choice that I could live with.

  40. For further evidence of America’s delusion, note the polorization of everything. If you don’t agree with someone 100%, you’re “an idiot and a bigot”

    And it’s not just politics. I was reading an article that Neil Degrassi Tyson was wrong about his thoughts about the physics of how a lightsaber might work. One of the commenters mentioned that Tyson was more a showman, and not infallible when it comes to science. A ton of commenters ranted back about this, calling him all sorts of nasty things for daring to suggest that Tyson might be infallible.
    If people get that unhinged about the theoretical workings of a fictional weapon, and can’t even realize that no one is perfect; well, no wonder they can’t think critically about things that do matter.

  41. I do agree that America is standing on the precipice. I also believe that these days are as foretold in prophesy. But when i look at poll numbers what is telling is that the majority are NOT for Trump, but with Rubio, Carson, and Kasich in the race they are splitting the rational, conservative, vote. The majority don’t want Trump but there are still so many options for all of us opposed to Trump that our votes are divided. I would pray that Dr.Carson, and Bush would end their run and let Cruz garner their voters otherwise we just may end up with a Trump nomination. God please see fit to allow the majority voice to be heard.

  42. Excellent comments! Dead-on. I’ve shared it with our 3,400 Facebook friends. Many of them live in South Carolina. I pray they read before they vote.

    Don’t worry about the Cruz haters. The man is not perfect, but all questions about his character or intent are only baseless assumptions. His actual accomplishments speak for themselves.

    The choice between Cruz and Trump, to me, is like the choice between David and Saul in the Bible. The people demanded a king. Good reluctantly gave them Saul, the desire of their heart, even after God told them he would abuse them and his power. Had they sought God, he would have raised up David to be the first King. He was a man after God’s heart. But Israel didn’t listen. Rational arguments had no impact. They insisted on Saul, and they got him, and they suffered.

    America is faced right now with “Saul” (Donald Trump) and “David” (Ted Cruz). Will we learn from the mistakes of ancient Israel and choose the man who clearly follows God, or will we reject him in favor of a talkative clown who mesmerizes people into a delusion? Each one of us must decide. America’s future hangs in the balance.

  43. Robert William says:

    I think the author has left out some factors in this article. Personally I find it amazing that people keep referring to Trump as an entertainer or a reality show host, etc. Why don’t they refer to him as a billionaire or a successful businessman whose enterprises employ thousands of people? Trump is jot perfect but he comes on the political stage in America when people are fed up of all the political correctness that has engulfed our country. Because he is self-funded, he can say what he feels and no one can pull on any strings because there are no strings attached. This in itself is refreshing. Is America at a cross-roads? Yes. Have we turned our back on God? I’m many ways, yes. Has God forsaken America? NO. LET’S NEVER FORGET….if my people…2 Chronicles 7:14. Or if you prefer, Two Chronicles 7:14.

  44. This article describes exactly my impressions of our current culture in America. While some will say that the pendulum of progress is merely swinging away from my now “ultra-conservative biblical ideals”, I would assert that there is far more to it. God does turn over people to their reprobate thinking and we rightly reap what we sow. Reaping and sowing, while still relatively popular among avid gardeners, is rejected by an entitled empowerment-craving society. It appears foreign and non-sensical to their progressive minds. It is how delusion works, we think we gaining when we are losing…we think we are advancing when we are declining…we think we are smarter when we are more ignorant…we think the emperor has fantastic taste in fashion.
    (e.g. “when they saw the fruit was GOOD for food, PLEASING to the eye, DESIRABLE for gaining wisdom…”). Whether it is Trump or Sanders or Clinton or _______, it is largely seen as good, pleasing and desirable.
    Our country is getting exactly what it deserves. I hate to say it because I am still moved to tears standing in front of the Vietnam Memorial. But the average American will not vote for what they “need”. They will vote for what they “want”. And God clearly escapes our imaginations. The majority of college-aged people are worse yet. We cannot elect a leader when no one wants to be lead. Perhaps many would criticize that I sound like someone’s grandfather. I would respond by saying that criticism is just part of the collective delusion.
    “None so deaf as those who will not hear, none so blind as those who will not see”.
    -Matthew Henry

  45. Tim Maloney says:

    Thank for this articulate and very thoughtful article. It truly is sad that we are living in a time where thought and morals don’t seem to matter. I am almost dumbfounded by the ignorance of so many Americans, but you reminded me that God is really in control and is giving us what we deserve. We need to pray that the remnant here in America can beseech God to give us grace in this time!

  46. Sharon Benjamin says:

    Hello, I certainly agree wholeheartly with your article on Americans being deluded, lazy, asleep and uninformed. Although I am not totally sure about Cruz with his wife’s connections and many supporters of his being doministic in theology. I want to trust Cruz but I can’t. Also I want to know if he is freemason as he poses as such in some pictures.


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