Andy Woods on the Millennium

The typical political acrimony and hostility appears to be brimming to the surface on all sides now that we are about three weeks away from a national election. During this election season, it’s easy to lose sight of where our ultimate hope ultimately resides in as believers. Does a Christian’s hope disappear should the Republicans lose control of the Congress and Hillary Clinton becomes our next president? You would think this is the case when listening to the fervency in which many believers talk about this upcoming election. As you all know, I think politics is very important. But I am also very firm in my conviction that our ultimate hope as believers is not determined by the political outcomes of this world. Rather, our hope rests in the soon return of Jesus Christ to rule and reign from David’s throne in Jerusalem with a rod of righteousness. This era will be a wonderful time period that is called the millennial kingdom. Recently, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. David Regan of Lamb and Lion and Christ in Prophecy TV ministries on this very important subject of the millennial kingdom. Our half hour interview can be found at the below link along with some very uplifting worship music that occurs at the midpoint of the interview. I hope you have an opportunity to view this interview since it will re-orient you toward the true and ultimate hope of the believer, which is Christ’s soon return to establish His long awaited kingdom.


Christ in Prophecy: Andy Woods on the Millennium from Lamb & Lion Ministries on Vimeo.


In Him, Andy

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