The Bible and Voting, with Steve Greenberg

Voting seems to be on everyone’s mind these days as our national Presidential election looms ever closer. In just two months, among many other important electoral issues, we will be deciding who the next President of the United States will be. Voting is something that all Americans, especially Christians, should take seriously. Does the Bible have anything to say about the subject of voting? Should we vote? How should we vote? What priorities should we pursue as Bible believers when we exercise our voting rights at the polling place? I discussed this very topic concerning “The Bible and Voting” during my half hour interview on the Steve Greenberg Report. I had presented this topic a few days earlier at the annual “Hope For Today” Conference in Southern California. My interview is running this week on “His channel.” You can watch the interview at the below link. My hope and prayer is that this interview will both inspire and equip you to exercise one of the most precious rights a human being can exercise, the right to vote. God bless you.

HisChannel – STEVE GREENBERG – Christian Video on demand

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