Who Should I Vote For In the 2016 Elections?

Part 1 in the series: “Who Should I Vote For In the 2016 Elections?”

Although we are not currently in a major election year, the election cycle will soon be upon us. Before we are unduly swayed by intense campaign ads, now is the time to develop a biblical philosophy of governance. Now is the proper time to ask some important questions. Who should I vote for in the 2016 elections? How do I know if the person I am voting for, as he or she pursues public office, properly represents a biblical worldview? How do I determine who, among the various competing political candidates, better reflects biblical values?

Legitimate Civil Rights Minority…Or Not?

The qualities of a legitimate civil rights minority include possessing an immutable attribute that cannot be changed (such as skin color) and the ability to demonstrate a historical pattern of discrimination because of this immutable characteristic. Racial minorities can easily demonstrate these qualities and are consequently considered a legitimate civil-rights minority within our legal system. […]


I want to welcome you to my new blog, which is entitled “The Word on Politics.” As this name implies, the purpose of this blog is to shine the light of God’s Word into the political arena, upon culture at large, and upon contemporary geo-political trends. Of God’s Word, the Scripture, Psalm 119:105 declares, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” The light of Scripture is not designed to be confined exclusively to spiritual or ecclesiastical matters. The Bible was inspired and written in such a way that it speaks to every area of life, including matters taking place outside the four walls of the church. Because the Bible speaks authoritatively about government, family, and morality, etc…the purpose of this blog is to let the Bible speak to the great moral, social, and political issues of our day. Many of these “culture war” issues are currently being fought in the political arena. This blog will regularly allow the Bible to speak to these matters.