Middle East Prophecy Update

The Middle East today represents a brewing cauldron of hostile Islamic nations that seem determined to drive tiny Israel into the Mediterranean Sea. However, most do not realize that these nations are fitting into the identical that the prophet Ezekiel predicted 2600 years ago…

The Roy Moore Controversy Debunked

Something just does not add up concerning the recent accusations that are now being brought against Roy Moore (The Ten Commandments Judge) who is the Republican nominee for the Alabama Senate Seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Alabama voters will go to the polls December 12th to decide who the next Senator from Alabama will be. Is there a hidden agenda at work here? Has the evidence against Judge Moore been manufactured? Is there a double standard when it comes to Christians, conservatives, and constitutionalists? Find out below as Pastors Andy Woods and Jim McGowan discuss and debunk the Roy Moore controversy.

The Left’s War on Christianity

Recently, former Presidential contender and Senator Bernie Sanders in a confirmation hearing indicated that a nominee was unfit to serve in the current administration simply because of his biblical beliefs. At the below link, learn how such a statement is completely inconsistent with the view of America’s founding fathers. Also, learn how Sanders’ statement discloses the true agenda of the left, which is to create a Christianity free society. Learn what you can do to reverse this disturbing trend.