Israel and the Kingdom of God

Here is an 11 minute interview with Dr. Todd Baker of the Zola Levitt TV Show where I speak on “Israel and the Kingdom of God.” Many Christians and ministries today employ confusing kingdom now language. They often give the impression that they are “building the kingdom” or doing “kingdom work.” Yet, the Bible has a […]

What Is Wrong With Man?

The Real Reason for Violence Because of the recent shooting and stabbing spree by Elliot Rodger near Santa Barbara University last Friday, we are once again engulfed in a national conversation concerning what caused the killer to do what he did. When these types of tragic incidents occur, the killer’s destructive behavior is typically blamed […]

The BIG Lie: “Separation of Church and State” (Part 12)

In the last eleven posts, we have presented a series on the “separation between church and state” supposedly found in the First Amendment. It is because of this phrase, which was first introduced into the fabric of our culture through errant Supreme Court decisions of the early 1960’s, that Christianity has generally been purged from […]