The Christian and Voting on November 4th

American evangelicals have yet another opportunity to go to the polls in order to influence the direction of our nation this coming Tuesday, November 4th. Yet, how many of them will take advantage of this opportunity or even see the biblical responsibility to do so? The fact of the matter is that Christian apathy in […]

Shades of Totalitarianism in Houston

The recent actions of the Houston city government surrounding its passage and protection of HERO (“Houston Equal Rights Ordinance”) borders on what one would expect of a third world banana republic dictatorship rather than what we would expect to find in the land of the free and the home of the brave.   Pastor Dr. […]


Introduction (Continued) In our first post in this series, we observed that America has been uniquely blessed amongst the nations of the earth. The question becomes what is the reason for this blessing? My goal in this series of posts is to show you what I believe to be the source of that blessing: the […]


Introduction   America is Blessed! This past 4th of July holiday, America celebrated 238 years of freedom. When we examine that stretch of time and compare it to the general trajectory of world history, we see what an aberration it is. The majority of people that have lived from the time of Adam right up […]

The “Gaying” of the Evangelical Church: a Response to Kirsten Powers (Part 6 of 6)

Recently, TV political commentator, columnist, and professing evangelical Christian Kirsten Powers offered a troubling and controversial perspective related to the issue of homosexuality and Christianity. Because her point of view seems to be representative of some within the evangelical movement and also seems to be gaining ground,1 I decided to respond to it through a […]

The “Gaying” of the Evangelical Church: a Response to Kirsten Powers (Part 1 of 6)

Ever since I can remember, TV political commentator and columnist Kirsten Powers can always be relied upon to provide the knee-jerk liberal point of view to virtually any issue under discussion. That is why when Powers went public with her conversion to Christianity last year I remained hopeful that an alteration in her leftist worldview […]

The Evolving Constitution

Here is a 16 minute video interview with Dr. Tom McCall of the School of Tyrannus where I speak on “The Evolving Constitution.” Today jurists seem to have virtually no respect for the Constitution as written and originally intended. How did this sad reality come about in our society? The answer may startle you since it is connected to […]

The BIG Lie: “Separation of Church and State” (Part 15)

In the last fourteen posts, we have presented a series on the “separation between church and state” supposedly found in the First Amendment. It is because of this phrase, which was first introduced into the fabric of our culture through errant Supreme Court decisions of the early 1960’s, that Christianity has generally been purged from […]


I want to welcome you to my new blog, which is entitled “The Word on Politics.” As this name implies, the purpose of this blog is to shine the light of God’s Word into the political arena, upon culture at large, and upon contemporary geo-political trends. Of God’s Word, the Scripture, Psalm 119:105 declares, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” The light of Scripture is not designed to be confined exclusively to spiritual or ecclesiastical matters. The Bible was inspired and written in such a way that it speaks to every area of life, including matters taking place outside the four walls of the church. Because the Bible speaks authoritatively about government, family, and morality, etc…the purpose of this blog is to let the Bible speak to the great moral, social, and political issues of our day. Many of these “culture war” issues are currently being fought in the political arena. This blog will regularly allow the Bible to speak to these matters.

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