Sanctity of Life and the Bible

Monday, January 22nd, 2018 marks the 45th year anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. There have been roughly 70 million abortions in our country since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. What does the Bible say about abortion? What do the medical facts say? How has our legal system been corrupted and compromised to allow abortion on demand in our country for the last 45 years? Why is it that so many millennials misunderstand the Roe decision as a constitutional and conservative decision? Is the grace of God available to those who have had abortions? We discuss these and many other important issues in this session at the below link.

Our Tyrannical Judiciary and How to Fix It

Here we go again. In almost on every culture war issue that I can recall spanning the course of the last several decades, the Federal judiciary seems to always step in at the last moment to thwart the democratically expressed will of the American people. For example…

My Vote for Trump: Earned Rather than Automatic (Part 2 of 2)

In last week’s post, I explained why Donald Trump is virtually no different than Hillary Clinton on virtually every issue. The Republican Party has, this time around, finally reached the bottom of the barrel and is now on the precipice of nominating someone that is virtually indistinguishable from the Democratic front runner.

My Vote for Trump: Earned Rather than Automatic (Part 1 of 2)

If you were (or are) a Ted Cruz supporter, by now you have no doubt been given “the lecture.” It is the same lecture we conservatives consistently receive every four years around this time. The lecture, usually delivered by a sanctimonious and self-appointed fellow “conservative” Republican goes something like this: “Gee, I am really sorry […]

Four Dumb Reasons for Not Voting for Ted Cruz (Part 1)

The Republican Party now has the first opportunity it has had since Ronald Reagan, of nominating a true conservative as its Presidential candidate. Should Senator Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination, Americans, in the general election, will have an actual choice between a limited government, constitutional conservative in Ted Cruz and a pro-big government liberal in […]

The Upcoming Republican Primary & Roe’s 43rd Anniversary

It has been 43 years since the infamous Roe v. Wade decision was handed down. This decision has been rightly criticized as bad Constitutional law. In it, our Supreme Court “discovered” a Constitutional right for a woman to procure an abortion. Prior to 1973, no United States court had ever seen such a right. In […]

The New Intolerance (Part 7)

Freedom on the Altar: American Religious Freedom in the Wake of the Supreme Court’s Recent Same-Sex Ruling   Judges Inventing Rights In writing this week’s post, I feel a little like Job, when he said, “For what I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me” (Job 3:25). In prior posts, we have […]

The New Intolerance (Part 1)

Leftist Intolerance Ever since I can remember, the political left in general and the gay rights movement in particular has always cloaked itself in arguments and language calling for greater diversity, tolerance, and pluralism in American society. My, how times are changing! Now as the left is inching ever closer to winning the culture war, […]

A Pastoral Benediction on the 42nd Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade Given at Sugar Land Bible Church

Sunday, January 18, 2015 Sanctity of Life Sunday is a special Sunday instituted by Ronald Reagan in 1984. It typically takes place on the third Sunday in January, before January 22nd. On January 22nd 1973 something happened in America that was tragic. This was the date of the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision. In a […]

On Another Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: Four Issues to Consider (Part 2 of 2)

On January 19, churches throughout our nation will commemorate yet another Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. It has been over four decades since the infamous Roe v. Wade1 decision, which legalized abortion-on-demand throughout our society. Over the past four decades, both sides in the debate have had ample opportunity to present their side of the argument […]