Religious Freedom Under Fire

I feel somewhat akin to what Jude expressed in verse 3 of the New Testament book that bears his name. I originally wanted to write a happier post about the Resurrection of Christ, since Easter Sunday is rapidly approaching. However, the breath-taking reaction by the homosexual lobby to Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s signature on the […]

Personal Reflections on the End of a Family Journey and the Beginning of a New One

At the end of this month my Father, Fred Woods, will turn 80. Consequently, he has opted to retire from his position as a California Court of Appeals Justice at the end of the month on his 80th birthday. Being a California jurist is a position that he has held for the last 27 years.1 […]

Why the Republicans Swept the Midterms

What the Talking Heads Are Not Telling You In last week’s midterm elections, the Republican Party scored historic victories at the national, state, and local levels of American government. Thus, the American political landscape and balance of power is vastly different today than it was before the November 4th election. While a wave election, such […]

D’Souza’s New Movie “America”: Rescuing America from the Historical Revisionists

As we celebrate our country’s 238th year birthday, I hope on this Fourth of July weekend that people will have an opportunity to see the new Dinesh D’Souza movie entitled “America.” A few years ago, D’Souza produced a similar movie entitled “2016: Obama’s America,” which effectively explained the President’s worldview by noting the primary deleterious […]

The Evolving Constitution

Here is a 16 minute video interview with Dr. Tom McCall of the School of Tyrannus where I speak on “The Evolving Constitution.” Today jurists seem to have virtually no respect for the Constitution as written and originally intended. How did this sad reality come about in our society? The answer may startle you since it is connected to […]

Modern Progressivism and the Declaration of Independence

Below is a revealing quotation from Calvin Coolidge, who incidentally was the favorite president of Ronald Reagan. This quotation concerns our Declaration of Independence and the harmful advance of American Progressivism. Progressives typically claim that our national foundational charter is out of date, and consequently we need to progress or advance beyond its original terms. […]