Our Tyrannical Judiciary and How to Fix It

Here we go again. In almost on every culture war issue that I can recall spanning the course of the last several decades, the Federal judiciary seems to always step in at the last moment to thwart the democratically expressed will of the American people. For example…

The New Intolerance (Part 7)

Freedom on the Altar: American Religious Freedom in the Wake of the Supreme Court’s Recent Same-Sex Ruling   Judges Inventing Rights In writing this week’s post, I feel a little like Job, when he said, “For what I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me” (Job 3:25). In prior posts, we have […]

The New Intolerance (Part 5)

Leftist Intolerance Ever since I can remember, the political left in general and the gay rights movement in particular has always cloaked itself in arguments and language calling for greater diversity, tolerance, and pluralism in American society. My, how times are changing! Now as the left is inching ever closer to winning the culture war, […]

Social Justice Ideology & Its Contribution to Mob Violence in Baltimore

Concerning this week’s rioting in Baltimore, I found myself largely in agreement with one my Facebook friends, who opined: “What happened in Baltimore to the arrested man [Freddie Gray] was tragic and wrong. What is happening right now in the streets of Baltimore is even more tragic and wrong! Where are the so called ‘leaders’ […]

D’Souza’s New Movie “America”: Rescuing America from the Historical Revisionists

As we celebrate our country’s 238th year birthday, I hope on this Fourth of July weekend that people will have an opportunity to see the new Dinesh D’Souza movie entitled “America.” A few years ago, D’Souza produced a similar movie entitled “2016: Obama’s America,” which effectively explained the President’s worldview by noting the primary deleterious […]

The BIG Lie: “Separation of Church and State” (Part 14)

In the last thirteen posts, we have presented a series on the “separation between church and state” supposedly found in the First Amendment. It is because of this phrase, which was first introduced into the fabric of our culture through errant Supreme Court decisions of the early 1960’s, that Christianity has generally been purged from […]