More on the Middle East Meltdown

Middle East Chaos1 Russia and the Middle Eastern nations always seem to be in an ongoing state of flux. Here are a few events in the region that have transpired within the scope of just the last few weeks.   Let’s Talk Turkey Turkey is in the news again. A recent failed coup attempt has […]

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms: Your Constitutional and Biblical Right! (Part 3)

More Gun Control? Unfortunately, recent random shooting murders in America have caused government imposed gun control to once again be publicly touted as the best solution to our society’s gun violence. For example: President Barack Obama is thinking about implementing a new gun control measure by executive order and without the support of Congress. The […]

The New Intolerance (Part 6)

Leftist Intolerance Ever since I can remember, the political left in general and the gay rights movement in particular has always cloaked itself in arguments and language calling for greater diversity, tolerance, and pluralism in American society. My, how times are changing! Now as the left is inching ever closer to winning the culture war, […]

Obama’s New Dictatorial Treaty Power (Part 1 of 2)

As we move into Obama’s waning years in office, his fundamental transformation of America continues unabated and in full throttle. This time, it is America’s deliberately rigorous treaty process that is now being fundamentally transformed. First, let’s look get a little background into why our founders wisely gave us the treaty process, as spelled out […]

One Step Closer to Tyranny

And now for the complete and total outrage of the week! On Monday, a Federal District Court struck down a reasonable pro-life Texas law. Why is this decision so outrageous? Consider the following three facts.