The Crucifixion of Ted Cruz & the New Republican Political Correctness

Ted Cruz Image by Gage Skidmore

Ted Cruz Image by Gage Skidmore

What would most likely get me the most accolades from my conservative friends is to write a blog piece criticizing this week’s Democratic National Convention. After all, we are routinely told by pseudo-conservatives that we all need to rally behind the Republican Nominee, unify the party, and defeat Hillary Clinton in November. She is the personification of all evil, as the new Dinesh D’Souza movie Hillary’s America appropriately and accurately argues. However, the Democrats and their predictably outrageous behavior this week is not the real story here. The Democrats kicked conservatism (and authentic Christianity for that matter) out of their party a long time ago. Criticizing the Democratic Party is too easy of a target. Finding a conservative Democrat today, such as the late Robert Casey or Zel Miller, is like trying to find an animal on the endangered species list. However, the real story here, for anybody who actually desires to see the evidence, is how the Republican Party, at least at the national level, is now also going very clearly in the direction of the Democratic Party in terms of purging and ostracizing conservatism from its ranks. In order to validate the statement, one need look no further than how the Republican Party treated Ted Cruz at last week’s Republican National Convention. When all the facts are considered, the Republican Party establishment last week engaged in nothing less than a true smear job against Ted Cruz.


Let’s first get some facts on the table.1 First, Donald Trump came to Ted Cruz (not the other way around) and asked him to speak at the Republican National Convention. At that time, Cruz agreed to speak but he never agreed to expressly endorse Trump.2 Second, several days in advance of the speech Cruz had a meeting with the Republican establishment, at which time Cruz was equally clear that while he would speak positively on behalf of the party and its nominee, he would not expressly endorse Donald Trump for President.3 Third, Cruz submitted the content of his speech well ahead of time. Thus, Paul Manafort, and the rest of Trump’s handlers, had Cruz’ speech in advance. Manafort knew that, while Cruz would not overtly criticize Donald Trump or the party, he would not be expressly endorsing Donald Trump for President.4 So, everyone in Trump’s inner circle, including Donald Trump himself, well understood that an express endorsement of Donald Trump would not be forthcoming during the Cruz speech.5 Fourth, as Cruz was holding a public rally just prior to addressing the convention, Trump’s plane can be seen flying over this rally at just the right time so as to distract the listeners from Cruz’ message.6 Coincidence? Does this type of happening transpire randomly at this level of Presidential politics? In actuality, such an “occurrence” was nothing short of an intimidation and bullying tactic.


Fifth, Cruz then gave his speech. It was actually very good talk where the Texas Senator affirmed conservative principles, the Republican Party, and congratulated Donald Trump on his victory in securing the Republican Nomination. Never was an unkind word spoken against Trump throughout his presentation.7 True to his word, however, the speech did not contain the magic words that everybody seemed to be longing for: “I endorse Donald Trump for the President of the United States.” Of course, given the first three points mentioned above, nobody should’ve had the false expectation that these words would’ve ever been forthcoming.


Sixth, when Cruz, without expressly endorsing Trump for President, toward the end of his speech called on the Republican voters to vote their consciences in November, the New York delegation, which had been pushed to the front of the convention floor, began to incessantly “boo” Cruz.8 The “booing” also seemed to have been artificially instigated by Trump operatives, who were on the convention floor.9 Seventh, just prior to the speech’s conclusion, Donald Trump, the soon to be nominee, entered the convention hall. His presence was greeted by thunderous cheers from the audience. This sudden appearance sucked all of the oxygen out of the room and again served as a tremendous distraction from the message that Cruz was seeking to convey.10 Eighth, in spite of this very rude and antagonistic behavior, Cruz remarkably showed the presence of mind to mentally concentrate and complete his speech in the midst of an environment that had become overtly hostile.11 Ninth, the behavior of the participants at the convention became so openly and visibly hostile and antagonistic toward Ted Cruz’ wife, Heidi, that she was actually forced to leave the convention hall early. She was ushered to the exit by Ken Cuccinelli, and others, out of fear for Heidi’s public safety.12


Tenth, immediately following Cruz’ speech, Trump’s media surrogates, whether they be Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, or Mike Huckabee, began publicly denouncing Cruz for not expressly endorsing Trump in his speech.13 They did so in spite of the fact that the entire Republican machine knew exactly what Cruz was going to say, and not say, well in advance. In so doing, Trump’s media surrogates often invoked the name Ronald Reagan in their condemnation of Cruz. Reagan was a team player and was magnanimous in defeat at the Republican National Convention in 1976, viewers were told.14 These media surrogates perpetuated this propaganda line in spite of the fact that Reagan never publicly endorsed Ford at the 1976 Republican National Convention after Reagan had lost to Ford in the acrimonious Republican primary.15 However, the central talking point of Trump’s media surrogates was that Cruz should have endorsed Trump expressly since Cruz took an oath to support the party’s nominee. None of these voices ever acknowledged the fact that back on March 29 this pledge had been vitiated when Donald Trump, the front runner, publicly stated that he would not promise to support the party’s nominee should he lose the Republican primary.16 Is it really fair to ask all of the other candidates to adhere to the same pledge when the front runner has already publicly stated that he is no longer bound by it? Such unilateral disarmament hardly seems fair according to anyone’s standard of equity.


Beyond this, subsequent to the pledge, Donald Trump, through his henchmen at the National Enquirer,17 had accused Cruz of having five affairs.18 No source was cited in this article other than Roger Stone, a long time ally of Trump. The personal attacks against Cruz by Trump sadly did not end there. During the primary season Trump had also tweeted an unflattering picture of Cruz’ wife.19 Trump also used his allies at the National Enquirer once again to indicate that Ted Cruz’ aged father, Pastor Rafael Cruz, had somehow been involved with Lee Harvey Oswald in the JFK assassination.20 On the morning of the Indiana Republican primary, Trump repeated this defamatory and baseless charge involving Rafael Cruz as it not only went unchallenged but was also repeated on the “Faux” News Channel.21 Would any individual publicly endorse somebody for any office who had engaged in such vile and personal behavior against one’s own wife and family? Of course, none of these facts were ever brought out by Trump’s media surrogates following Cruz’ speech. The only talking point that these surrogates propagated was that Cruz had broken his pledge to support the party’s nominee.


Eleventh, the morning after the convention, in yet another public presentation to campaign volunteers, Trump continued to “pile on” by repeating the bizarre conspiracy theory involving Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald. In the process, Trump defended his prior attacks on Cruz’ wife, the respectability of the National Enquirer as a legitimate news source, and that a genuine connection existed between Rafael Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald. In this bizarre rant lasting several minutes, Trump denied that this connection between the elder Cruz and Oswald had ever been denied by Cruz nor disapproved.22 In fact, contrary to Trump’s parallel universe rendition of reality, both the denial23 and debunking24 have occurred in spades.

Welcome to the new Republican Party.

What these preceding facts reveal is the deliberate set up and crucifixion of Ted Cruz not by the Democrats, but rather by his very own party. The words “hit job” come to mind. Ted Cruz is but a mere vessel for the ideas of limited government espoused by America’s founders. On today’s political scene, he is one of the few in public service who actually believes in these principles. In so doing, he represents those of us who also embrace these principles. Thus, any attack on Cruz for his beliefs represents an attack on the rest of us who also embrace these same ideals and principles. In other words, how the Republican Party treated Ted Cruz last week represents the actual revulsion, hostility, and disdain that the Republican Party establishment has towards true grass roots conservatives within its own base and ranks. Part of the agenda is to trample Cruz so vehemently that he and his limited government agenda will not be a threat to the party establishment in 2020. Welcome to the new Republican Party. Like what the Democratic Party accomplished long ago, the Republican Party is now in the process of purging all vestiges of true conservatism from its very own ranks. With one party already gone, the other is now in the very same process of closing itself off to any conservative influence. The bottom line: true conservatives will soon have no place to call home. This is what the Trump takeover of the Republican Party really represents.


What I have said thus far is not even the worst part about it. The worse part about all of this is the new political correctness that some “conservatives” are now imposing upon their own members. Rather than calling a spade a spade and exposing this hostile takeover for what it is, many within the conservative movement that once stood on principle are busy bullying and silencing anyone who dares to say that the king is naked. Because the goal of defeating Hillary Clinton in November has become the central rallying cry, anyone who points out the self-evident deficiencies of Trump and the current trajectory of the Republican Party is deemed as deliberately weakening the Republican Party and consequently being pro-Hillary. “You don’t want to elect Hillary do you?” has become the common response. In other words, “shut up, move along, and fall into line.” If you do not, Hillary Clinton will become the next President of the United States. For example, here is what one of my Face Book “friends” posted on my page after I posted something recently critical of Trump: “Feed and tend sheep and lambs. Jeremiah 22:10. God executed His purposes so stop whining…” I could furnish numerous other similar examples of such “conservative” self-policing.


Such self-censorship is tragic since it involves an abandonment of the very principles conservatives say that they stand for. In other words, conservative and Christian principles matter so long as you do not apply them to our own nominee. There are innumerable people I know that have spent the bulk of their lives and ministries articulating valid principles, only to demonize others who apply these very same principles to Trump and the new Republican Party. The conservative movement has certainly now reached a new and epic low as it finds itself turning upon and devouring its very own. We often legitimately decry political correctness in academia and politics. Sadly a new form of political correctness has entered the ranks of the conservative movement. That new political correctness entails the overt and subtle pressure to never criticize Trump and his party.


The way out of our immoral ditch is not to have two Democratic parties. Since the majority of those registered are already Democrats, if the public perceives the same message coming from both parties, they will just vote for the party that they are already affiliated with, and the Democratic Party will continue to win big time. The Republicans win and win in a huge way when they are able to articulate clear differences between the two parties. The conservative message still sells as evidenced by the sweeping Republican victories at the Presidential or Congressional level in 1980, 1984, 1988, 1994, 2000, 2004, 2010, and 2014. Let’s not go the way of the Whigs. Let’s resist the current self-censorship and instead continue to point out the wrong headed direction of the current Republican Party establishment. Hopefully, this process will return the Republican Party to its foundation and also its winning ways. If it does, then the future looks bright. If it does not, we should get used to the encroaching socialism and cultural Marxism that we see all around us because that will be our future.



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  1. Well said. There are many of us fighting this fight on FB and Twitter every day and getting slammed for it (that is the mild way to say it). Essentially we are deemed Hillary lovers.

    You might like my post from when Trump accused the Colorado GOP of rigging the election of national delegates and acting like Nazis. Nothing, of course could have been further from the truth. It was grassroots all the way baby. Here is my article.

    Colorado GOP Delegates – The Real Story

    I was proud that our Colorado delegation in Cleveland was one of the few who stood up to the bullying. And believe me, they have paid dearly for it too.

  2. Kay Montano says:

    Ditto to all the above positive comments. I do believe your earlier article on the delusion of America and the comment regarding Ted Cruz’s possible rejection (at the time that article was written) has indeed become a reality. Americans had their chance for a true conservative president and they rejected him. Yes, I believe I’ll be “moving heavenward” soon to meet my Lord in the air.

  3. Karl W Lambert says:

    I very much appreciated the article as well. We have not seen the likes of a Wilbur Wilburforce in the realm of politics until Ted Cruz. It is no surprise that he has been attack by the establishment including Trump as he is attempting to disrupt the system just as Wilbur Wilburforce did during his tenure in politics.

  4. Mary Petnel says:

    Excellent – thank you. I love Ted Cruz – this conservative in NJ will be writing in his name. I hope he starts a new Conservative Party. I will follow him.

  5. Lynn Fair says:

    An excellent piece of writing. After having read the article on the crucifixation of Ted Cruz, I read previous writings and agree with all. May I please receive news posts by email at the address above? Thank you!

    • Andy Woods says:

      Thank you Lynn for the encouragement. At the bottom of the home page of the blog is a place to enter your email address. Once you do that, you become a free subscriber. Every time I write something, you will receive a notification in your inbox. Go to “subscribe to blog via email” at the bottom of this page:
      It will be great to have you on board.

  6. Actually, Newt did NOT attack Cruz, he defended him!

  7. I love Ted Cruz… He is the most honorable decent brilliant man I know. It’s sinful what the Trumpets and the establishment are doing to my man. Never mind there are millions of us covering Teds back We love him

    • Janey Wright says:

      A brilliant and beautifully written article! So many of the things mentioned are exactly what I have been thinking. It is all so obvious. I am so ashamed of the Republican Party and I so admire the few well-known Republicans who refuse to endorse Trump. I love Ted Cruz. What we witnessed at the Republican Convention was greatness in the form of Ted Cruz. How sad that so many did not recognize it, because they may never witness it again in their lifetimes. How many people would stand alone before millions and announce that they believe it is important to have principles, believe in freedom, and believe in voting your conscience? Few, if any, would have the courage to do that. And lastly, how unfortunate that most people do not see how it was a plot to discredit Ted Cruz.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bonnie Jane from Joplin is definitely standing for Ted Cruz & it is wonderful to read all of these encouraging comments by like minded folks!!

  8. Well said!

  9. Andrea Fisher says:

    Excellent article. thank you. It seems the GOP elites have joined with Trump only to let him do their dirty work and grind Cruz and the Constitutional Conservatives who are like him, into the ground in an attempt to silence them, many who are considered “the religious right,” therefore killing two birds with one stone.

  10. HeyJudeOregon says:

    LEAVING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ON SEPTEMBER 15th LIKE OTHER CONSERVATIVES HAVE PLANNED TO DO. I “will” be writing-in TED CRUZ on my November Ballot in OREGON, WHERE HIS VOTE “WILL” COUNT. I’m happy my State allows this within any demands. My vote will NOT be wasted as some has stated it will only help Hillary. Well..I blame the Trump supporters for that one. I LOVE TED CRUZ!

  11. Ruff Phelps says:

    I can easily envision Lincoln facing a similar situation with the Whigs. I predict that it’s only a matter of time for the demise of Republican party.

  12. Mark Nyreen says:

    Pastor Woods,
    I greatly appreciate and respect your opinion. Who would you recommend for president?

    • Andy Woods says:

      Thanks Mark, personally still weighing my options. 4 months to go still.

      • Personally, I can’t force myself to vote for either of the two autocratic big-government Progressives on the major party tickets. There’s only one Constitutional Conservative left in the race at this point: Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party. The CP is not likely to win this year, but at least my vote will go towards growing a truly Conservative party in the hope that they can mount viable challenges to the Dem-Rep party for Congressional seats in 2018.

        • Unfortunately, from what I’ve read about the Constitutional Party candidate, he’s a conspiracy nut who includes the birther and 911 conspiracies in his beliefs.

  13. Fantastic analysis. I wish it were not so.

  14. The Lord seems to be moving quickly.

  15. Jim McGowan says:

    Excellent article, as usual.

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