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Middle East Chaos1

Russia and the Middle Eastern nations always seem to be in an ongoing state of flux. Here are a few events in the region that have transpired within the scope of just the last few weeks.


Let’s Talk Turkey

Turkey is in the news again. A recent failed coup attempt has given Erdogan, the current President of Turkey, the opportunity to further solidify power. This failed coup attempt has allowed Erdogan to shut down media outlets as well as round up academics and other potential dissidents to further solidify his dictatorial grasp of power on the nation.2 In fact, circumstances have worked so strongly in Erdogan’s favor that some have speculated whether the coup was a real coup at all. Perhaps the affair was staged by Erdogan surrogates, thereby giving him an excuse to further tighten his grip  over a country that most believed was already firmly within his control.3 Interestingly, Turkey is a member of NATO. However, these recent events have further driven a wedge between the United States and Turkey. In fact, Erdogan has gone so far as to blame the failed coup as being somehow instigated by the United States’ government.4


Russian Bear Rising

Russia is also in the news. While American military expenditures and readiness have decreased under the Obama Administration, the Russians have been busy developing new weapons as Russia rehearses for war with the West. In fact,

The kind of weaponry Russia is believed to be testing includes: A device that uses acoustics to locate the position of snipers so they can be killed; Drones that fly in pairs – one lower than the other to draw fire while the other pinpoints targets; Text messages sent to entire communities minutes before an attack to create confusion and panic by spreading misinformation; Ways of making the enemy’s GPS navigation system falter and get them lost on the battlefield; Devices in civilian vehicles which can intercept soldiers’ communications.5

Recent Russian aggressiveness is also demonstrated in the regime’s insertion into the contemporary American political scene. Here is just one example:

More Russian ties to Trump’s manager Paul Manafort have been exposed by an anti-corruption investigation in Ukraine, where he used to advise the pro-Russian President… Just another indication of the shady connections between Trump’s campaign and Putin. This is the same guy who said he had nothing to do with the change in the Republican platform from a pro-Ukrainian position to one more favorable to Putin – it turned out that he just brazenly lied about it. So what’s the deal here? Is he still secretly working for Putin? Is it just a coincidence that the Russians hacked the DNC and it showed up at Wikileaks to damage Hillary?…OH, and I almost forgot another coincidence – when Ivanka takes time off from the grueling campaign, guess which good friend she hangs out with? Would you believe…Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend? “Ivanka Trump is taking a break from the campaign trail to vacation with friends. The daughter of GOP nominee Donald Trump shared a scenic snap with Wendi Deng Murdoch, the ex-wife of billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Trump, 34, was spotted with husband Jared Kushner in the city’s old town, seemingly taking a couple’s vacation without their three children – Arabella, 5, Joseph, 2, and Theodore, 4 months. Deng Murdoch was actually responsible for setting up Trump and Kushner.”6


Strange Bedfellows

Alliances between Russia and various Middle Eastern countries are also in the news. Take for example the burgeoning relationship between Turkey and Russia. The relationship between the two countries was frosty, to say the least, when Russia flew a plane into Turkish airspace causing the Turkish government to shoot down the Russian plane. Putin’s Russia responded with brutal sanctions against the Turkish government. However, recently Turkey’s Erdogan has become quite cozy with Russia.7 Erdogan decided to use the recent coup in Turkey to blame the United States as the culprit of the coup, thereby using this scenario as a pre-text for reaching out to Putin’s Russia.8


In fact, the recent coup in Turkey seems to have pushed the nation into an even closer relationship with both Russia and Iran. “The most significant prospect in the coup aftermath is the possibility of further rapprochement with Russia and Iran to settle regional problems.”9


Alliances are also tightening between Russia and Iran.

The leaders of Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan signed a joint declaration on Monday urging stronger global action against “terrorism” and organized crime. Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev met in Baku, Azerbaijan, for a trilateral summit officially aimed at developing economic cooperation. It was the first time the three nations held such a meeting, and the leaders said the new format should help improve ties.10


America’s Former Allies

As these nations are becoming increasingly amicable with one another, they are becoming simultaneously and progressively distant from America. Iran was once an ally of America. However, after the Shah was deposed and replaced by the Ayatollah in 1979, the former American alliance with Iran became all but non-existent. As indicated earlier, Iran today instead has a burgeoning relationship with America’s enemy, Russia. In addition, today’s Turkey, while still a member of NATO, seems to have far more in common with Russia and Iran then she does the United States.


Israel Alone in the World

All of these things are happening as America’s relationship with our former allies in the region is coming under ever increasing strain. America’s current president, Barack Hussein Obama, is arguably the most anti-Israel president in American history. If you doubt this claim, note Ben Shapiro’s complete timeline of Obama’s anti-Israel statements, actions and policies.11 Beyond this, prospects for repairing the relationship between America and Israel do not look in any way brightened by the prospect of the Republicans recapturing the White House this coming fall. Recently, Donald Trump claimed neutrality on the subject of America’s relationship with Israel and that he sees the resolution of the current Arab-Israeli conflict as the ultimate real estate deal.12 The survival of the tiny nation of Israel in the Middle East, as she is surrounded by a sea of hostile Islamic nations that have repeatedly articulated their ambition to drive her into the Mediterranean Sea, is not in any sense akin to deal making concerning building the next hotel or casino. The Middle East is no casual real estate deal. The normal deal making strategy does not work in this instance for the simple reason that the Islamic parties are not operating in good faith. Rather, they are determined to parcel off pieces of Israel’s already minute land holding until the nation is reduced to indefensible borders thereby making the Islamic goal to “wipe Israel off the map” realizable.13 We need a President who will return to America’s former position of unconditionally standing with the nation of Israel.


Having Eyes to See

And-CoverRussia and Turkey are becoming increasingly dictatorial and aggressive on the world stage. New alliances are forming between Russia and America’s former allies, Turkey and Iran. The United States no longer seems to be the friend of Israel that she once was. To the untrained eye, these all seem like sporadic, disjointed, and random occurrences. Yet, these events are coalescing into the identical pattern that the prophet Ezekiel predicted (Ezek. 38‒39). This is why I wrote the book published by Dispensational Publishing House,14 entitled “The Middle East Meltdown: The Coming Islamic Invasion of Israel.” In this work, I biblically identify the very geo-political players spoken of above and demonstrate how their seemingly bizarre and irrational actions are fitting into an identical pattern spoken of by the prophet Ezekiel some 2600 years ago. I hope that you will obtain and read this important book so that you can gain valuable understanding of a world that, from the human point of view, seems to be spinning wildly out of control.15 The book concludes with seven practical applications that assist the Christian regarding how to live and be an effective witness for Christ during these troubled times. The book is something that you can also give to your unbelieving friends who might be troubled by these various geo-political trends since it ends with an invitation to trust Christ in order to receive the gift of eternal life.Endnotes

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