My Advice to Donald Trump

Personally, I have never really liked Donald Trump. However, while I’m not a big Donald Trump fan, to say the least, the painful truth of the matter is that he is virtually the only thing standing between us and perhaps an even worse Hillary Clinton presidency. As much as I wish this were not so, it is true.


D.Trump, image by Gage Skidmore

D.Trump, image by Gage Skidmore

So having said that, please allow me to be so bold as to give Donald Trump what I think is some much needed practical advice. At this point, whether Trump becomes the next President of the United States depends completely on Trump. If he loses this election, he will have no one to blame but himself. He will not be able to blame the never Trumpers, Ted Cruz, the liberal media, some bizarre conspiracy theory, or anything else for that matter. Trump needs to come into the next debate against Hillary and act like he wants to win. He needs to go after Hillary more aggressively on the issues where she is extremely vulnerable like the corrupt Clinton Foundation, the Arab Spring, Benghazi, her porous borders strategy, her prospective liberal judicial appointees that will cause us to lose the judiciary for a generation, her email scandal and violation of the Espionage Act, her lack of accomplishments despite her 30 years in public life, the Obamacare disaster, her failure to use the expression “Islamic terrorism,” the internet giveaway to the globalists, our exploding national debt under Obama, and the economic malaise that our country has been in for several years thanks to Obama’s big government economic policies. Hillary has absolutely nothing to offer America other than four more years of the same, or perhaps even worse, and Trump needs to routinely remind us of this fact.


Trump needs to put her on the defensive. He needs to have terse answers that change the subject rapidly away from himself and back to Hillary concerning all the peripheral and tangential issues that she (and her ally and debate moderator Lester Holt) kept raising during the first Presidential debate. Such issues included Trump’s failure to release his tax returns, his derogatory statements toward women, his shady business practices, the birther issue, his alleged racist past, and the fact that he does not possess the right temperament to have his finger on the nuclear button. (By the way, the Democrats have been using that last issue in virtually every presidential race since Barry Goldwater was the Republican Presidential nominee back in 1964. Moreover, regarding Trump’s mistreatment of women, how does Hillary Clinton have any real credibility on the issue when she has spent a lifetime covering for her husband who has sexually harassed, groped, and even raped a plethora of women?). Since these issues worked well for Hillary in the first debate, they will most likely be brought up again in the next two debates. Trump needs to be ready to give a fast defense to these issues and then quickly pivot and attack Hillary relentlessly where she is extremely vulnerable. He needs to quit being defensive and spending so much time defending his past. Instead of reacting emotionally to criticism of his past, he needs to instead focus on where Hillary is weak, and there are many glaring weaknesses to exploit. While Donald might care about protecting his reputation as a “winner” and may want to vindicate himself in every detail, the fact of the matter is the average American really couldn’t care less. (So Donald, don’t dwell too long there.) Trump needs to understand that it’s not all about him. The country is at stake.


And most important, if we are to board the Trump train, Trump needs to clearly explain where he is taking us? Proverbs 29:18 says, “where there is no vision the people perish” (NKJV). What is Trump’s vision for the future of the country? At some point, he must move away from necessary negative attacks against Hillary and also paint a positive picture for the future. What will Trump’s America look like? How will his presidency make us a freer, safer, and prosperous people? How will it improve the quality of our lives and those we love? If Trump wants to win he also needs to start talking about something that I never hear him mention, that is, reducing the size and scope of an overly intrusive and burdensome government upon our lives. If you count all of our federal, state, and local taxes, the average American works nearly half the year to subsidize the government and the rest of the year for themselves. Specifically, how will a Trump presidency change this sad predicament?


All of this will also involve Trump putting in more rigorous debate preparation. Not only does he need to act like he wants to win but he also needs to prepare like he wants to win. After watching Monday night’s debate, to me it was obvious that Hillary came far more prepared to the first debate than Trump did. Hillary really wants to be the next President of the United States, and Donald needs to project this same image. It’s time for “the Donald” to put his game face on. He only has two debates left to show the American people that he will be a superior choice for President than Hillary. A lot of people are counting on him as their last hope to derail the Clinton machine, or what I like to call the Clinton crime syndicate. Hillary is the most vulnerable candidate that has ever run for the Presidency. If Trump does not beat her, and defeat her handily, it will be nobody’s fault but his own.




  1. Dr. Woods, you are spot on in your assessment of Trump. I am certainly not a huge fan of Donald Trump either. However, any way you slice it, HRC would be a disaster for generations to come. She will appoint progressive Federal judges and propose the same for the Supreme Court. “Free” college education only transfers the cost back to the tax payers. Tax and spend will continue and so on. I will not vote for Donald because of his character. Rather, I will vote for him for what he possibly represents for the future. There are certainly no sure things in life, and although Donald says a lot of the Right things, time will only tell how true he is to them if he wins the election. I have not seen a perfect President in my lifetime, which in includes Ronald Reagan. I think he faded a bit in his second term. But he was the best one in what he represented to America. I have been wanting people in government who have had business experience and military experience to run this country. There’s hardly either in Washington D.C. But people who have had to make payroll and make a profit should understand balance sheets – not so with most in politics. Many are running the government on political theory and really on a corrupt world view. I would like to see Trump succinctly state his core positions in the next debate and highlight the deceitfulness and corruption of his opponent. I don’t have high expectations that he’ll do that. But maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised instead of bored with the whole thing again. I know I won’t be watching NFL football since its commissioner won’t take action against players kneeling during the National Anthem. They have free speech and so do I, at least for now.

    • I think it is clear that Trump, while a smart and successful businessman, has his own glaring weaknesses, and one of them is extemporaneous speaking. So why he didn’t make notes that he could refer to, with some kind of acronym that would prompt him on the issues, such as Economy, Syria, Lybia, Russian Reset, etc, is beyond me. She was certainly referring to her notes often, as I observed. He can even keep it simple by retorting to her criticism of his wealth by stating that he wants prosperity for those Americans who want to work and have the opportunity to pursue it as he did. She has so many flaws, chief among them is her corruption. He’s a bright guy so hopefully he won’t go in so unprepared and unrehearsed next time, but I didn’t see him change his approach in the primaries, so I question his intention. I appreciate and support Trump because of his stated desire to restore and retain important American principles. I only hope that he won’t allow his pride to go before his fall; I would rather see that for Hillary, but it appears that she may have sold her soul and is being supernaturally protected from reaping what she has sown, in this life, anyway.

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