My Heart on the Election

Next week at this time we will know who the next President of the United States will be. America hangs in the balance. As I’ve been in prayer over this coming election, the Lord has recently impressed some convictions upon my heart. I share those on the brief video posted below, recorded in my home office. In it I reveal my heart on the election and how I went from a “never Trump” to a stop Hillary perspective. I hope you have a chance to listen to this message before you vote on November 8. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.

In Him,


  1. Dr. Woods, I agree with you. I didn’t know about the relationship between Hillary and Saul Alinsky, but I came to America from a communist country and… I can smell a communist from a distance. But unfortunately many persons in USA are not familiar with Marxist strategies and tactics and become easy targets for political manipulation. A communist government has no respect whatsoever for the law and the rights of the people. So you are right, this could be the end of the American democracy and the influence of Christianity as we knew it. May God help us all.

  2. In response to your reply, Andy, I did watch your video. And thanks to Glenn Beck and Michael Medved I am very familiar with Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, The Weather Underground and other 1960’s militant radicals and Marxists. Growing up in the 1960’s, I can even recall seeing some of the players on the nightly news.

    You referred to Saul Alinsky multiple times in your video. He really is not the imposing bogeyman we’ve allowed him to become. Did he influence a generation of radicals like Bill and Hillary Clinton and fellow community organizer Barack Obama? Absolutely. But we’ve survived Bill Clinton’s two terms, Barack Obama’s two terms and, if elected, we will survive Hillary Clinton.

    Read the outstanding article ‘Nikabrick’s Candidate’ by Gina Dalfonzo to fully understand why the fear of a Hillary Clinton presidency is fueling the rush to a Donald Trump at the expense of our Christ-centered convictions.

    To those Christians voting for Trump simply to keep Hillary out of office, I’ve asked the following question.  If it were Trump vs. Biden, Trump vs. Pelosi, Trump vs. Reid would your answer be any different? Most admitted it would not. So it isn’t just about Hillary.  It’s about being a ‘lesser of two evils’ voter within the framework of partisan politics than it is being a ‘lesser of two evils’ conscience voter.  Trump just happens to be the flavor of the day.  Substitute Dole, McCain or Romney and you have the same result.  Facetiously speaking, how about Beelzebub vs. Clinton, Biden, Pelosi or Reid? Is there a limit to partisan allegiance assuming the Republican platform remains intact? 

    Francis Schaeffer asked many of these same questions 40 years ago in his series ‘How Then Should We Live?’. The continual influence of a creeping moral relativism upon the Church has been destructive to say the least. We as Christians  need to face reality that our life choices are not going to be easy in these last days and must seek God with each breath we take.

    I fully understand strategic voting and the desire to pick the lesser of two evils in a binary election as you mentioned in your video.  However, I also believe there is a clarion call, not necessarily a biblical mandate, to be a conscience voter and to uphold the  biblical values and principles upon which this nation was founded.  Choose a candidate our Founding Fathers would be proud of and our children won’t be ashamed of.  With that said I am casting my vote for Evan McMullin with the hope and prayer he can create enough electoral havoc to send the nomination to the House of Representatives.

  3. Lori Jackson says:

    Hi Andy – I just found your blog. I started listening to Charlie Clough (can you say “amazing”?) about a year ago which led me to another site which today linked me to your blog. I have listened to your teaching through Chafer Seminary but did not know you had a blog. So happy to find it!! I really appreciate your articles — will be nosing around in the archives as time goes by. We are on the same page regarding this election — I voted early and reluctantly colored in the space next to Trump’s name. Cruz was my guy and I was sure he would win the primary. I don’t watch debates or coverage of the election — it sickens me. But as I have been in God’s word over these last months He showed me how He always warns and gives a generous period of grace before He executes judgment. Like you, I see what God has been doing with the leaked emails. I concluded that He is making it patently clear who Hillary is and what she will be like as president — not for the purpose of derailing her — but so that America’s judgment will be seen as absolutely deserved. And as you said in an earlier blog, He is doing the same thing with Trump. None of us like it that our country is under judgment – but who of us can dispute that it is warranted? Not our country only — but the entire world is wearing out the Grace of God. Twenty-one countries have legal gay marriage and most of them also sanction abortion. Seems like the rest of the world (except maybe Australia) are Islamic. Antisemitism is on the rise worldwide — even in America. Russia and the middle east are setting the stage for war while America is funding terrorists and dumping propaganda all over our country. Can you say JUDGEMENT? Also, though, the gospel is going out over the earth in an amazing way. Sounds like end times to me! Obama, Clinton and Trump are part of the end time scenario (or else God would remove them). The “Christian right” has made America their idol instead of seeking God and believing His word. We are to be about His business — persecution is coming to our doorstep now — we ought always to pray and not to faint! Luke 18:1

  4. davidnrobyn says:

    A little followup to my previous post–well, I did it. I mailed my ballot in. For the last several months–actually, since February–I’ve been telling myself and others that for the first time in my 67 years, I’m staying out of this one. My man, Rand Paul, a Christian man of ideas and integrity, decided to quit spending other people’s money on his presidential bid and concentrate on the Senate race where he could do the most good for the country.

    The American people don’t operate in the realm of ideas. Rand’s candidacy, accordingly, was doomed from the start. And they really don’t care about integrity anymore, the remnant notwithstanding. They want to be entertained, and so, naturally, a flamboyant entertainer–a billionaire with his own reality TV show–became the ultimate nominee. To a guy like the Donald, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, as long as they spell his name right.

    Now, normally, I’d do what I’d consider to be the right thing, that is, NOT vote for the lesser of two evils. And following that philosophy, I voted libertarian in 2008, and wrote in Ron Paul in 2012. But I don’t have that luxury this time. This time, my vote MUST cancel out the vote of a Clintonista. And like you said, there’s only one vote that’ll do that, and that’s a vote for Trump. Sigh.
    God bless you, Andy.

    PS–you can thank my wife for pushing me over the edge. She went online and spent two hours researching the non-partisan candidates (mostly judges) and the issues. So I figured if she could do that, the least I could do was send my ballot in. Besides, I had the 48-cent stamp already attached, and I didn’t want to waste it! 🙂

  5. My wife met you at the Duluth Bible Conference and asked you, on my behalf, who you would be voting for. When she relayed your ‘Mike Pence’ response to me I have to admit I was absolutely stunned. After devouring and forwarding to friends, family, and pastors your outstanding blog posts as a NeverTrumper who assumed a biblically-centered position based upon moral authority, I could not even fathom a Grudemesque flip-flop from someone I’ve held in such high regard. But I now appear to be on an island with my three friends Max Lucado, Erick Erickson and Ben Sasse as the tide continues to rise.

    John Piper recently said Christians are under no moral obligation to vote. And he is correct. But as an American citizen I do feel a civic duty to vote and, as a Christian, casting a vote for a candidate who represents biblical values to the greatest extent possible. The act of voting is a teachable moment to our kids about moral leadership, preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution and defining what type of candidate we want in future elections. Yes, I realize I am not voting for a Pastor-in-Chief. Politics is not about creating heaven on earth. Yes, I realize not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary. I was not born a Republican. Unfortunately, voting is usually about choosing the lesser of two evils. As rhetorical as Charles Spurgeon’s quote has become “Of two evils, choose neither” it is a precise description of this particular election year. For Christians it is a defining moment. Who are we as the Body of Christ? What are we willing to tolerate, accept and endorse? In many ways this election is less about two flawed candidates than it is about us as a flawed Church.

    As Erick Erickson so eloquently stated in a recent article, “This is a far cry from sola scriptura, sola fide, sola gratia, solus Christus, et soli Deo gloria…..When I see Christians defining deviancy down to justify a political decision, I see a real problem for the church. When I see Christians saying we have license to choose bad men because God chose bad men, I see the sparks of apostasy”. ( )

    I will end this by quoting my former mentor, Dr. Andy Woods, “If we are going to get a progressive President anyway, at least we will be able to sleep well at night and look at ourselves with self respect in the mirror in the morning that our votes did not put that candidate in office….. Hey Trumpists, read our lips: We do not care if Hillary wins the Presidency this fall since Donald Trump is no better than Hillary Clinton!!!”

    • Andy Woods says:

      Ouch, this one hurts! You are right, I did flip flop. I chose to use a nicer phrase in the video: a metamorphosis in my thinking. I give my justification for changing my view in the video. Although it probably doesn’t initially look the best, I hope you don’t dump me completely as one of your teachers. God bless you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Andy, We just listed to your soul-searching Election video. Thank you for the well-delivered Godly insight. We hope that your message reaches many people so that The Pledge of Allegiance (“under God”) and the song I learned in pre-school 8 decades ago, God Bless America, will become a reality once again. Our love and blessings, Mom and Dad

  7. Alyson Dreyer says:

    I already voted but we are on the same page. God help us all.

  8. davidnrobyn says:

    I have my ballot in the envelope and ready to mail. Like you, I decided to try to keep Hillary out of the White House. But then I thought, What’s the point? My vote doesn’t cancel out a Hillary vote anywhere in the United States but Washington (my state). And Washington’s a done deal for Hillary. Maybe in a closely-contested state my vote would count, but Washington’s one of the very-solid Dem states, along with the likes of OR, CA, NY, etc. So there the ballot sits on my desk. Perhaps there will be a miracle akin to the dead rising here, but–have you ever been to Seattle? If so, you know what I mean. Deader than the Wicked Witch of the West. I can hear the munchkin coroner singing now.

  9. Gayle Alleluia says:

    A metamorphosis, a revelation, a pulling back of the veil, a warning is exactly what it took for me to realize that we have no other option as well, Andy. I was shaken by realizing that I had to vote for the man who slandered a man of God, Ted Cruz. I had to forgive Trump (again). I saw Ted do it and if he could do it, I realized I had to too. Then my heart softened.

    I love the fact that I know you seek God earnestly in prayer and in Scripture before you not only make decisions, but as you study and as you speak. It most definitely shows. You gave a perfect example when you spoke of Iran in 1979. Another perfect example which came from Scriptures was where a place is inhabited by one evil spirit, then that evil spirit leaves and comes back with seven even more evil spirits. We have no other choice. We have to continue the fight. Great job, Pastor Andy. In fact, superior job.

  10. Excellent analysis of the “crossroads” we are in at this time in America. Your thinking/praying and inevitable conclusion are a process I too had to grapple with several months ago. The only deficiency in your above analysis is your almost dogmatic dismissal of the possibility of Trump having changed his thinking on many issues. I feel it is possibly because of you personally not ever having lived a life of rampant hedonism. It is easy for a person such as myself who lived 25 years in a hedonistic fashion (15-39 years old) and then a dramatic change in my thinking, and a gradual change in behavior (of course thanks to the new nature in Christ) to be empathetic and have hope that someone like Trump has changed in many ways, although not to the extent we would like. I have to admit to this, I am not near changed enough, either in thinking and behavior, to the extent that I would like to be or even thought I would be since becoming a Christian. If in fact Trump is now indwelled (& I pray that he is) he can be changed by the power of the Spirit. Is it possible that a heterodoxical preacher could have been used by the Lord to lead Trump to believing in Christ?? I say yes, it is certainly possible. All this to say that I really like most everything you said in this video Andy, I just think many people that have “grown up” in the church and have been Christians most of their lives are a little bit “naive” about the experiences of conversion and change, struggles and carnality “residual” influence still present when one has lived the majority of life in a full hedonistic lifestyle, (such as myself and apparently Mr. Trump). Let you “lucky ones” who were fortunate enough to be introduced to Christ through your upbringing be a little more gracious to the “untimely born again” group, of which I am a part of. Again, I am very glad you decided under the influence of the Holy Spirit to have changed your view on voting “against Hillary” which is a vote against the Alinsky agenda that has been “winning the day” for the last 8+ years in this great country we both love so much. Please do not take my above comments as criticism of you, just look at the comments and reflect that being friends with former heathens like me can give you a “broader” perspective of the true life experiences of conversion that can help you be a more understanding pastor, professor, and fellow believer in Christ. Thanks again for the excellent video and humility and humbleness in your delivery in it (as always!)

    • Andy Woods says:

      Thank you Richard for your feedback. Just for clarification, I think I did say in the video that it’s possible he’s a Christian (although I personally have my doubts). Regarding carnality and hedonism, I don’t think anybody has a monopoly on it. In other words, it’s something that we all struggle with regardless of how early or late we came to Christ.

      • If he has only recently come to Christ as rumors have it, then considering his seemingly 24/7 campaign schedule, he has hardly had time to pursue a relationship with Christ that would result in palpable transformation. Rather, he has apparently not made it a priority. But God has clearly placed Christian influences in his life. So even if, God forbid, Clinton wins, Trump will have seeds planted that will culminate in a “successful” Christian life. We should favor that outcome over a presidential victory and loss of his soul, perhaps? By the way, I’m the anonymous above…having technical issues with iPad on this site. All I can really say is MARANATHA!

  11. Superb and highly compelling. I have wondered if Hillary has sold her soul…

  12. Superb and highly compelling. I have forwarded it recommending strongly that it be viewed and forwarded. Appreciate your humility, Andy, and count it as a privilege to be called your friend.

  13. Ellen Kelso says:

    Excellent… Thank you so much for this excellent and truthful presentation. I join you in your thoughts and concerns for this country and pray fervently that Hillary loses thus giving our children and grandchildren an opportunity to wake up, both politically and spiritually.

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