The BIG Lie

This Fourth of July weekend we as Americans celebrate 240 years of freedom. This extended era of liberty is virtually unprecedented in the history of the human race. However, most Americans are conscious of the fact that there are sinister forces constantly at work in the affairs of our nation seeking to snuff out our successful experiment in self government. One of these diabolical forces is our out of control federal judiciary.


We even saw evidence of that this week when our Supreme Court struck down a reasonable Texas law requiring abortion clinics to be bound by the same regulations that govern any other hospital or surgical facility. This decision represented yet another disappointing Supreme Court ruling among a host of recent decisions thanks to the swing vote of Justice Anthony Kennedy. This week’s judicial decision had everything to do with politics and the special interest of the big money pro-abortion industry and virtually nothing to do with the original intent of the U.S. Constitution. This week’s decision was especially disappointing to me on a personal level since I was privileged to play a minor role in testifying at a legislative hearing in Austin a couple of summers ago as this common sense law was being passed out of the state of Texas legislature. By routinely overriding the will of the people, our Supreme Court has become tyrannical, oligarchical, dictatorial, lawless, rogue, Godless, and virtually out of control. With the recent passing of Justice Anthony Scalia, one of the few commonsense conservative voices that remained on the High Court, this situation has gone from bad to worse.


Yet, most Americans are unaware of how all of this judicial insanity actually began. Consequently, I want to make you aware of a presentation that I gave back in March at Candlelight Christian Fellowship in Coeur De Alene, Idaho. See the below link. In it I explain the origin of the misleading metaphor (“the strict wall of separation between church and state”) that the Supreme Court has consistently used to unhinge America from her Judeo-Christian foundation. I also explained what you as an American can do in the midst of this spiritual darkness. I remain thankful to churches like Candlelight that provide a forum for such an in depth biblical analysis on key cultural issues of our day.


On this special weekend of remembrance, you owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, and your church to watch this video so that you can better understand our unique history, how it is being challenged, and how you can spiritually and intelligently respond.


Happy 4th of July and God bless America!



  1. Kay Montano says:

    Just wanting to let you know how much I believe in the article you wrote back in February entitled :America Under a Strong Delusion”. I have made several copies of that to back up my own beliefs and those beliefs are continuing to be reinforced after what happened in Cleveland with Senator Cruz, a man, who being human is certainly not perfect, but would have possibly been the man to at least slow down the Biblical decline of our beloved nation hd he become the presidential nominee. I am hoping you will write another message along the lines of the one you wrote in February updated to fit what has sadly happened since Cruz did not become the nominee. Thank you.
    Kay Montano

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