My Vote for Trump: Earned Rather than Automatic (Part 2 of 2)

If you were (or are) a Ted Cruz supporter, by now you have no doubt been given “the lecture.” The lecture usually goes something like this: “Hillary Clinton is the personification of evil itself. You don’t want her to be president do you? So any vote not for Donald Trump is an automatic vote for Hillary.” Sadly, if someone will not instantaneously acquiesce to the lecture’s message on the grounds that they still want to stand on the same principles in the general election that they stood on during the primary, they rapidly find themselves isolated from, and in some cases demonized by, folks that they thought they were on the same page with during the primary season.


However, the lesser of two evils argument no longer holds the sway with me that it once did. Why? The Republican Party, this time around, has managed to nominate someone who is just as bad as anything that the Democrats have to offer. In last week’s post, I explained why Donald Trump is virtually no different than Hillary Clinton on virtually every issue. The Republican Party has, this time around, finally reached the bottom of the barrel and is now on the precipice of nominating someone that is virtually indistinguishable from the Democratic front runner.


However, there is a catch. While conservatives do not need Donald Trump, Donald Trump needs conservatives. Donald cannot become the President of the United States without strong conservative support. Trump has a hard core support of about 35 percent of the vote (at least in the Republican Primary) and that’s about it. In fact, like Ross Perot who siphoned away over 20 percent of the Republican vote thereby handing the Presidency to Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996, Trump likely would never have gotten this far in the Republican field had it not been for spoilers, such as John Kasich and Marco Rubio. Even at the time of this writing Trump still has failed to capture the 1237 delegates (a simple majority) necessary to secure the Republican nomination. Beyond this, Trump’s negatives are sky high.1


Few fully understand how close Hillary Clinton actually is to becoming the next President of the United States. As reported a couple of weeks ago on Levin TV,2 consultation with the Electoral College map demonstrates that if Clinton simply retains the states that voted Democrat in the last five general election presidential cycles going back to 1992 and then she picks up Florida (which recently flipped for Obama) then she will have the necessary 271 electoral votes to become President of the united States. Political analyst Larry Sabato adds: “Our views on the Electoral College outcome of a Clinton-Trump match-up haven’t changed since we published our ‘Trumpmare’ map a month ago. If anything, we wonder whether our total of 347 EVs for Clinton to 191 EVs for Trump is too generous to the GOP.”3


Contrary to popular opinion, Trump will not be able to put liberal states, like his home state of New York, into play. Despite Trump’s impressive recent primary win in New York, Hillary Clinton received more votes in New York than all of the Republican votes combined. Even some pink states, like Virginia, are likely to tip in Clinton’s favor given the fact that Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton hack and corrupt governor of the state, recently via executive order granted voting rights to two-thousand convicted felons.4 All of this to say, that if a larger percentage of conservative voters abandon Donald Trump, then Donald’s defeat in the fall is all but certain.

Donald Trump, Image by Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump, Image by Gage Skidmore

However, if there is anything that Trump understands, it is the art of negotiation. After all, he authored his famous book on the subject, entitled “The Art of the Deal.” Given our bargaining position as conservatives, why should we blindly swear our allegiance to Trump without first demanding that Trump come our direction? Rather than telegraph that our vote for Trump will be automatic, what we instead ought to be saying is that Trump will have to earn our vote. We will abandon our “Never Trump” mantra when we start seeing an aggressive movement by Trump towards the right. Why should Donald Trump, the quintessential deal maker, go against his own liberal and big government grain and move in a conservative direction, when he already knows that he can take our conservative votes for granted? Since we are in the true position of bargaining power, what kinds of concessions should we be demanding from Trump before we throw our support his direction? Here are a few starters.


We want a cabinet comprised of limited government types who understand that the way to economic growth is through tax reductions and less government rather than through draconian tax increases. We want another Anthony Scalia on the Supreme Court. Beyond this, we want all appointees to the Federal bench to have a demonstrated commitment to the authorial intent of the Unites States’ Constitution, not just in verbal rhetoric, but also through a demonstrated track record. Trump recently did make some overtures in this direction by providing a list of alleged conservative judges that he would appoint to fill present and future Supreme Court vacancies. However, given the fact that Trump is a self-described chameleon,5 how can he be trusted on this issue?6 Furthermore, no sooner had the list been offered, then Trump immediately began walking back what he had originally promised.7 Moreover, one of the individuals on Trump’s list is Judge Pryor who was involved in the prosecution of Judge Roy Moore, the jurist who had the “audacity” to post the Ten Commandments in his courtroom and on public property. Judge Pryor cross examined Judge Roy Moore for acknowledging God.8 Given this background, how can we expect Pryor to judge rightly on religious liberty cases? Donald Trump will have to do better if he is going to successfully convince conservatives that he is serious about appointing originalists to the bench.


In Addition, we want real borders enforcement and not merely “touch back” deportation and other thinly disguised amnesty measures.9 We also want our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms protected. Although Donald seems to acknowledge Second Amendment rights while on the campaign trail today,10 this has not always been his position. As recently as the year 2000 he wrote in his book The America We Deserve, that “The Republicans walk the NRA line and refuse even limited restrictions. I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.”11 We also want our religious freedoms protected against the aggressive incursion of the secular left and the LGBTQ community. We further want legislation that protects the unborn in ALL phases of pre-natal development. We want Planned Parenthood completely defunded.12 We want more legislation against the very practice that has made Donald Trump wealthy throughout his business career, which is the use of eminent domain laws that violate the rights of property owners (especially the elderly).13 We also want no more silly talk regarding using the libel laws to persecute news outlets that dare to publish stories that paint Donald in a bad light.14 Also, contrary to what Trump has said publically, we reject a hate speech code mindset that seeks to trample on the free speech rights of people like Pamela Geller for merely hosting a Muhammad cartoon drawing contest.15


Beyond this, Trump’s current position on Israel is unacceptable. Recently, Trump claimed neutrality on the subject and sees the resolution of the current Arab-Israeli conflict as the ultimate deal.16 The survival of the tiny nation of Israel in the Middle East, as she is surrounded by a sea of hostile Islamic nations that have repeatedly articulated their ambition to drive her into the Mediterranean Sea, is not in any sense akin to deal making concerning building the next hotel or casino. The Middle East is no casual real estate deal. The normal deal making strategy does not work in this instance for the simple reason that the Islamic parties are not operating in good faith. Rather, they are determined to parcel off pieces of Israel’s already minute real estate until the nation is reduced to indefensible borders thereby making the Islamic goal to “wipe Israel off the map” realizable.17 Anyone who lacks the discernment to see this situation for what it is simply put is naively unfit to sit in the Oval Office. We need a President who will return to America’s former position of unconditionally standing with the nation of Israel.


We also want Donald Trump to put on his big boy pants and start acting consistently with his almost 70-year old age. This means no more juvenile tweets while sitting in his underwear late at night nestled safely and securely in Trump tower. We are tired of mean-spirited tweets which derogatorily demean rivals and the physical appearance of women. Also, Donald, stop mocking the disabled!18 Such maturity also entails laying aside his perpetual adolescent Nixonian petty vindictiveness. Trump needs to start acting Presidential instead of behaving like a petulant child and an elementary school yard bully. Such a bully is somebody who, out of emotional insecurity, pledges to hit back ten times as hard against even women and children. Such behavior falls far short of behaving in an even a remotely Presidential or dignified manner. Donald also needs to quit trafficking in tin foil hat leftwing conspiracy theories, such as blaming Rafael Cruz for contributing to the assassination of JFK.19 Incidentally, this “wacko-bird” and Alex Jones type conspiratorial notion has been factually debunked.20 Along these same lines, Trump needs to quit repeating the leftwing Code Pink lunacy that “Bush lied and people died.”21 And while we are at it, how about Donald apologizing to both Heidi Cruz22 and Carly Fiorina23 for demeaning their looks? How about Donald also apologizing to Ted Cruz for smearing both his wife and father, who is both a Christian minister and refugee from totalitarian Communism. Donald also owes another apology for accusing Ted Cruz, via his goon squad at the National Enquirer, without so much as a scintilla of proof, for having multiple extra-marital affairs.24 After all, according to his own admission, it is Donald, rather than Ted, who is the real serial adulterer.25


Donald Trump needs to understand that we conservatives, while we do not need to, may yet decide pull him out of his current political morass. However, Trump needs to first start moving in our direction. While such movement is always hopeful, at this point, however, I am not optimistic that it will happen anytime soon. Since his only real challenger, Ted Cruz, has suspended his campaign, Trump has further lurched in his familiar leftward direction. He has backtracked not only on the job-killing rising of the minimum wage issue but also on a host of other important issues.26 In fact, at the time of writing, Trump seems far more interested in pursuing Bernie Sanders voters27 than he does uniting the traditional GOP conservative base.28 The bottom line is that my vote for Trump is not “never” nor “automatic.” Rather, it must be earned. Will he earn it? Donald, we are eagerly listening, watching, and waiting.



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  1. Ted Cruz is our only sane choice…..

  2. I agree with the contents of your article…well said and accurate. I really don’t think that Trump will ever espouse the principles of the GOP platform. Therefore, I am fully aware that if I am
    going to vote that a write- in for Sen. Cruz is my only option.

    Pearl Nardini

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